The Tunnel Dylan's Dream

The Dream

The first thing that I can remember about my dream is that I was walking around, I'm not quite sure what the setting was though, until I came across the opening of a cave.

I decided to go inside. I went further and further into the tunnel until eventually there was little to no light at all. It got tighter and I remember feeling oppressed or constricted because the space was getting smaller and I could barely see.

Eventually, when it had gotten extremely dark and I could barely see anything at all, I saw a light at the end of the cave which I decided to walk towards since I wanted to get out of the cave.

When I was walking towards the light it got increasingly bright. By the time I was at the edge of the cave, I was completely blinded. Eventually my eyes adjusted and I was able to see what was in front of me. I saw two of my friends playing video games around an old TV.

I watched them for a little bit and then started playing with them.

What the Dream might have mean

I was walking around without paying attention to my surroundings might symbolize how I go through my life pretty carefree and without taking notice to anything minor. The reason I noticed the cave, was because it stood out so much.

The Tunnel - The Tunnel itself, and how I was anxious while traversing it, might represent my fear of the unknown and fear of being restricted.

The light at the end of the tunnel could represent my hope for the future, or my belief that if you are able to persevere, there will eventually be a "light at the end of the tunnel."

My friends could represent what would get me through the rough times, or what I really cared about/why I persevered. Them playing games could either mean that things would go back to normal no matter how bad the things I went through were, or that my brain was processing what I had done with my friends that day.

Analysis of the Dream - Psychoanalytic Theory

The dream I had accurately represented my feelings involving perseverance and friendship. It showed my fears of the unknown, and of being restricted and helpless. And my desire for friendship and a carefree life. It could also have a deeper meaning; maybe I know that living carefree isn't achievable, and that I will constantly struggle with my fears, but try to overcome them anyways.

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