Adobe Fellows@Berkeley A Model for Campus Support and a Vision for Creative Empowerment

Berkeley is a unique place.

UC Berkeley pushes the boundaries of knowledge, challenges convention, and expands opportunity to create the leaders of tomorrow.

- Berkeley Strategic Plan (December 2018)

Software access is not enough.

  • No centralized support
  • Learning was extracurricular or student-initiated
  • Usage centered in design, engineering, art. Who's left out?

Instructors need to be digitally literate, too.

Filling the Gap

  • Integrate Adobe tools broadly into the curriculum
  • Support faculty; allow them to focus on their strengths
  • Train students to support one another
  • Honor the university's public mission and unique culture
  • Enhance teaching, learning, and scholarship in exciting ways

An iterative, "viral" approach to program development.

  • Identify trusted partners and participants
  • Understand real concerns in the classroom
  • Design supports and develop resources in response
  • Reflect, revise, theorize

What is the American Cultures graduation requirement?

1 out of 3 undergrads is enrolled in an AC course every year.

A key part of the undergraduate experience

A focus on social justice, community engagement, critical reflection and analysis.

An intellectual home for underrepresented students.

Inherently interdisciplinary.

Who are our fellows?

How is the program structured?

A Model for the Campus

We've only just begun...

Thank you!


Jean Cheng: jeancheng@berkeley.edu or ais@berkeley.edu

Victoria Robinson: victoriarobbi@berkeley.edu

Bill Allison: cto@berkeley.edu


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