Midterm Portfolio McKenzie Martin

McKenzie Martin

Describe: In this 3D image, a girl is laying in the grass on her back with a happy expression on her face. There are small yellow flowers throughout the grass and colorful lanyards scattered around her head. There is font saying, "Napoleon Dynamite 2020" floating at the top. There is a button on the girls shirt that says "Vote for Pedro, Napoleon" with the Pedro crossed out.

Analyze: This photo uses balance because even though it is not perfectly symmetrical, it feels even on both sides. When viewed with 3D glasses it showcases layered look as well because each different part pops out different amounts. You could even make an argument for leading lines because of the way the hair flows and how the lanyards point in different directions, leading the eyes different ways.

Interpret: This image focuses on a sequel for Napoleon Dynamite. It shows a girl that is likely Deb, because of the side ponytail and the lanyards that surround her which are a reference from the movie. It shows things have changed because now Napoleon is running for president, since Pedro's name is crossed out but some things changed the same like the way Deb looks and acts. Due to the bright colors and funny message it evokes a feeling of happiness and child-like silliness for the viewer.

Evaluate: This photo is successful because it captures the eye for a long amount of time. There are plenty of different elements so viewers don't get bored as easily. It is also easy to tell which movie this is a part of and captures the mood of the film in the picture. The funny smirk on the girl's face and the handmade props reflect the events in Napoleon Dynamite. The variety of colors and shapes is new and exciting as well. The 3D also works well with the picture.

McKenzie Martin

Describe: In this picture, there is a girl with a very determined look on her face. Text on her face reads: "She had a face straight outta magazine." The background is a bright yellow with the famous Rosie the Riveter's "We can do it!" in the top right corner. On the girl's chest there are skyscrapers and in her hair is a picture of women protesting a sign that reads "Women of the world unite!" It is a mix between a double exposure and a collage.

Analyze: This image uses shape of things nicely. The skyline on the girl's chest lead the eyes left and right and obviously form the shape of a skyline. The shape of her hair is filled with the protesters and it grabs the eyes of the viewer. The Women of the World Unite sign is a leading line because it points to the girl's face. It also follows the rule of thirds and so it can be classified as be offish. There is something interesting and different in each section of the image.

Interpret: This picture sends a pretty clear message. The theme is obviously feminism because of the protesters and the play on Rosie the Riveter. The determined, powerful look on the girl's face give the image an empowering feeling to it. The black and white pictures help the viewer to focus on the girl and how strong she looks. This image is suppose to show how powerful women are.

Evaluate: This work is successful because it tells a lot about the person who was photographed. We can infer that she feels strongly about women's rights, that she likes the city, and that she likes The 1975 because of lyrics on her face. Along with the many interesting collage elements, the bright yellow background demands the viewer's attention making the piece interesting. The photograph of the girl is successful because her face is very expressive and that fits the overall theme of the image.

McKenzie Martin

Describe: In this image, there is a girl who has her head cut into two parts. It is split right under her hose to the top of her ear and the top part of her head is floating above the bottom section. She is facing to the side and staring with a powerful look off into the distance. Her mouth is closed, she is wearing a green shirt and black jacket, and the background is light blue. There is chewed up gum being pulled apart between the two sections of her head.

Analyze: This photo follows reduce it down because of the empty background in a muted color that draws the focus on just the girl's head. It also goes with balance because it is even on both sides without being perfectly symmetrical. The pieces of gum can even serve as leading lines because they direct the eyes up and down to the different sections of the head.

Interpret: This image is a remix of one of Izumi Miyazaki's pieces. Miyazaki's work is random, funny, weird, and she has said it has no underlying meaning other than to amuse the audience. This picture follows the same idea that it is just supposed to shock the viewer and make them laugh. The gum appears to be pulling apart like that is what the inside of her head is full of. You could also look at it like those are pieces of her brain.

Evaluate: This picture is successful because it follows Izumi Miyazaki's concepts of humor, randomness, and being strange. It takes one of her photos and changes it enough to make those concepts evident but still be an original work. There are interesting shadows on the girl and the natural light shows her face well.

Malena DePaolis

Describe: In this image, there is a metal bench and the top of a girl's head is sticking out from behind it. The girl's hair is blowing crazily in the wind and we can only see her eyebrows and forehead. In the far background we can see a cloudy sky and the whole photo has a blue, purple, and pink filter over it.

Analyze: Leading lines can be seen in this image with the girl's hair flying in the wind. The different ways it curls and turns add interest and direct the eye. You can also see the use of get close because the focus is on the girls forehead and hair since most of her face is out of the frame because of the bench. It is asymmetric so it also follows be offish and the rule of thirds.

Interpret: This image has some underlying meaning that can be easy to see at first glance. It could be trying to be mysterious by not showing the girl's face or implying that she is shy. The sky with the filter looks a bit like cotton candy so it could've been chosen to make the image more childish in appearance. Overall, it has a light-hearted, wistful feeling because of the unrealistic color scheme and the soft, curved lines that the hair makes.

Evaluate: This picture is successful because it is an original look and it is not boring. The photographer timed the wind perfectly to get the hair to move in an interesting way without being blurry. Her choice to get close to the subject added to the image and the filter makes the image stand out from others that might be similar.

Olivia Samuelson

Describe: In this 3D picture there are two girls. The one on the left is whispering in the other's ear. Her hand is covering her mouth and the girl being told the secret has a look of indifference as she looks into the distance, but there are tears on her face. There is a brick wall behind them and both the girls are wearing printed sweaters.

Analyze: The picture uses layered look because different parts of it pop out further than others in 3D. There is also balance because there is a girl on each side of the photograph. This makes things feel even and like there is a sense of harmony. There is even a little bit of get close since we can see the facial expressions well on the girls.

Interpret: This image is a still from a sequel for Clueless. The main girl is probably the main character and the one telling the secret must be one of her friends. Since the main girl is crying, she must've been told something sad happened. The look on her face is not particularly sad so this could mean she was expecting it. The overall mood is slightly humorous since it is overdramatic; the emotionless face with multiple tears and someone telling a secret like a little kid. In Clueless, it makes fun of stereotypical dramatic girl behavior so this is probably doing the same.

Evaluate: This photo is successful because it communicates the mood of Clueless well. Also, the 3D works with it. The picture itself of the girls is clear, you can see the tears, and the facial expressions and positioning was carefully thought out by the photographer. All of these elements work together to make an interesting, funny, and successful still from a sequel.

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