Superintendent's Summary Dr. Jack Parker ~ Mar 28, 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful spring break and are ready to hit the home stretch. I love the cyclical nature of a school year and the changing seasons. While I’m not happy that Puxatony Phil was a little dishonest this year, I am enjoying the great sunshine we have been greeted with this week!

Spring and the final stretch of a school year to me are synonymous with track and field. I very much enjoyed participation in my high school’s team where the season started with multiple layers of sweats and ended in shorts and tank tops! My track event was the 400 (1 lap) and I had a plan for the race that included some pacing. Regardless of my place relative to other runners though, the home stretch was always full out, tip of the toe, sprinting. There was no choice for the last 100 meters, regardless of my position. It was full out with a promise that there would be rest before the 1600 meter relay. Suffice it to say, at the end of the race I may have been wishing for a different focus for my season-long training, or even a different plan for the first part of my race, but I never regretted going full out in the final stretch. Let's focus on having a strong final stretch of the school year!

Congratulations to MVHS & MES for being recognized as a 4-Star School!

Before spring break, the Indiana Department of education announced the winners of the 4-Star School Award. To receive this distinction, schools must meet several criteria including placing in the top 25% on multiple categories of the state assessment. Schools who meet this criteria are in the top 20% of schools in the entire state.

We are proud of the great work happening in all of our schools, and we want to give a special shout out to McCordsville Elementary School and Mt. Vernon High School for representing our district as 4-Star Schools.

Congratulations to the staff and students at Mt. Vernon High School and McCordsville Elementary School!

MVCSC Prepares a Sustainable Budget Plan

At Monday’s board meeting, Mr. Smedley, Chief Financial Officer, provided an overview of our Sustainable Budget Plan. Mt. Vernon is blessed to have the resources to meet so many of the needs of our students and staff. We also have wonderful school facilities to support the academic excellence that is taking place.

Part of what we are working on is planning to manage without the additional dollars that we received each year in the form of an “increment”. These additional dollars will run out in 2023 and we need to begin preparing for that now. The increment dollars came to us when the Distressed Unit Appeals Board allowed Mt. Vernon to refinance some debt six years ago. With our newer buildings and the new property tax caps implemented by the state, Mt. Vernon was in a unique situation of having property tax caps hit our district much harder than most other school districts. This bond refinancing extended payments by ten years, yet allowed us to still collect funds at the same level and use those increment dollars to bolster what is now our operations fund. We are preparing to continue financial solvency without these increment funds in 2023. To learn more about our sustainable budget plan, please read THIS ARTICLE.

MT. VERNON MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE - Thursday, April 4 at 6 p.m.

Anyone in the community is welcome to attend the Mt. Vernon Middle School Open House scheduled for Thursday, April 4 at 6 p.m. Join us for musical performances, former principals in attendance, a brief presentation, walking tours and a dinner in the International Cafe (for a small charge.) Additional details can be found HERE.

We had a great first "Traveling Talks" meeting in McCordsville on Tuesday. I am enjoying getting to know parents and community members. Please mark your calendars and join me at one of the next "Traveling Talks."

APRIL 17 - 6 p.m. - SERO'S (Cumberland)

MAY 7 - 6 p.m. - LOS MAGUELLES (Fortville)

No RSVP is needed. Grab your own dinner and join us for some great discussions.

Preparation for Upcoming Testing

The new state assessment, ILEARN, is just around the corner for grades 3-8. We are looking forward to seeing how our students perform on this new test as it will set a baseline for our future work to help all students learn at high levels. Tips for a parent to help their children succeed include:

  • Make sure they get good sleep the week of testing.
  • A great breakfast focusing on foods rich in protein are helpful to a child’s energy level.
  • Water is exceptionally important to a child’s ability to help regulate their mental state. Hydration is also known to help children think and maintain focus.


I have developed a personal blog to share my insights and beliefs on education, students, learning and leadership. Feel free to take a look! JackParkerBlog.com


MVCSC Superintendent, Dr. Jack Parker

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