On the Frontlines Coaching, Training & Healing Women of Color Who Lead

Training and coaching leaders on the front lines build their mental, spiritual and professional capacity to lead in a new world.

Support with organizational transitions and crises management in a continuously changing political climate

Create trauma informed and cultural specific healing spaces using non-traditional practices

Undoing internalized oppression and institutional violence and its impact on the mind body and spirit of the organization and the people who work their

For women of color taking on the position of leadership in any organization can be very rewarding, we support our community, provide sustainability and opportunities for our community to take on their lives powerfully while creating a possibility of a new world they can live into. Often times, we come from the very communities we are supporting, dealing with the impact of violence, oppression, poverty and violence in our lives. As we take on the position we find ourselves alone, burning out, re-triggered and in need of other skills to deal with our own and practices to keep going. We also start to see that what is missing are the necessary tools to balance our everyday life with the responsibilities and expectations of our position. In BOLD Rebirth provides a confidential, scared healing space for executive directors, management, staff, service providers, advocated, social workers and participants to live and lead powerfully.
Black Womens Blue Print Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Sexual Assault NYC April -May 2016
Women on the front lines share thier Impact

Luvis says " Dayanara has brought our inner self to the conscious level of loving and accepting who we are as individuals and taught us to be bold and courageous in the work that we do"... Luvis Barja-Lim. Luvis is the Executive Director of Family Support Organization for Asian American & Pacific Islander in American Samoa.

Syd says" The first workshop, I participated in with Dayanara (she was facilitating), she blew me away. There was a way she could speak past participants--not necessarily responding to their statements or questions, but responding to what was left unsaid. This is one of her gifts -- to not be swayed by others triggers, reactions, needs to try to control the space. As I watch Dee the first time, I knew what I had to do -- keep working + healing myself so that I too would learn to respond to the unsaid with the grace and unapologetic love that Dee modeled"... Stephanie Syd Yang is founder at Blue Jaguar is Love Energy Healer / Intuitive Life Coach / Artist.

Kabzual says " Through a 15 minute workshop exercise, Dayanara Marte helped solve a reoccurring painful mystery--helped me figure out the source of the pain. I love Dee. Her ability to tell truth allows me to speak my truth and have no shame and no self blame. I want you to know that I support Dayanara because she is powerful, life changing, and honest... Kabzual s a Gender justice Advocate, Healer, Mother, survivor, Sister, Daughter and Co-Executive Director of Freedom Inc in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Jensine says " Dayanara is a crusader of truth, light, and healing.I love her. Dee's stories make you ache, but she is always lighting a way forward that resonates deeply in your soul. She is a global leader and storyteller and a fighter for women to overcome their own internal barriers and external circumstances to triumph in a life of fully expressed passion and peace"...Jensine Larsen is Founder, a digital media entrepreneur and CEO of World Pulse

Piper says" There have been so many moments when I've witnessed Dayanara being a powerful stand for healing and justice. She fights tireless to end violence and to empower survivors to reclaim agency over their lives. I've witnessed her hold space for more than 30 women wailing, crying, stomping, circling the room in tears as they release the past and claim healing. I love her, Dee has contributed so much to my life personally and professionally. It has been a gift to know her. Collaborating with her on community healing projects has been a powerful experience. Every time we work together I learn so much from her. I appreciate Dayanara's courage, passion, and boldness. She is always finds a way to cut right through the bullshit and help you get right to the core of what is blocking you." Piper Anderson is Founder and Chief Creative Strategist at Create Forward. She is a Writer, Educator, and Cultural Worker.

Cece says" "Dayanara offers a different perspective of how to unravel my inner power and strengths. That only with my own voice can I pursue the change that I want to see. And that with my own power, I can create the change I envision. Dayanara has an ability to gather powerful women in a room and allow a safe space for them to feel comfortable and vulnerable. She has the ability to truly connect with each individual and also allow us to connect with each other"... Cece Carpio is an artist and part of the Trust your Struggle collective.

Special 9 Month Coaching Program

Crisis Call

Personal/Organizational Coaching Call (as needed) & Weekly self-healing email---Pay as you go.

Possibility Call

Personal or Organizational Coaching Call, Weekly self-healing email, Unlimited check in emails & One 1-on-1 coaching session a month (Create a personalized coaching program with clear outcome and goals)

On Call

Personal/Organizational Coaching Call, Daily self-healing email, Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions a month, Unlimited emails, Priority On-Call Services. Receive a call back (Plus, Crisis and Possibility benefits)

For more information about organizational packages please contact me Dayanara Marte via email Inboldrebirth@gmail.com or call 3476479960. To find out more about me or In Bold Rebirth Consulting please go to www.dayanaramarte.com
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