What it's like being a School Counselor "Every child you pass in the hall has a story to be heard. Maybe you are the one meant to hear it. -Bethany Hill

What are their daily tasks?

School Counselors often work with individuals, groups, and communities communities to improve mental health. They encourage clients to discuss emotions and experiences. They will examine issues like abuse, bullying, anger, depression, relationships, home life, goals, and academic problems.

What is their work schedule?

Counselors work on average about 6 1/2 hours a day then addition the lunch hours the school provides for them.

What is their yearly salary?

School Counselors earn around $53,600 a year, although as their experiences increase, their salary can increase to about 72,360 a year.

What is the average School Counselor's work environment?

School Counselor's are provided at both private and public schools for all ages. They are usually provided their own office by the school. They work with students, parents, quests, principals, school staff, and teachers throughout the day.

What are some issues that may arise as a School Counselor?

Confidentiality issues, record maintenance, sexual harassment cases, a child becoming too angry when discussing, etc.

Benefits of being a School Counselor

School Counselors get the summers and holidays off just like the students at the school. They receive health insurance, paid vacation, and sick days.

How do School Counselors help children and their families?

For the children, they provide academic support, and can discuss personal issues. For the parents, they can give parental strategies, advice on how to connect with their children, and may also even discuss personal issues from the parent concerning the child.

What work skills and education do you need to become a School Counselor?

To be a School Counselor, they will need a Master of Education in counseling. Some skills that is beyond necessary is having the ability to listen, being accessible for trust, having flexibility, and even having a sense of humor.

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