Beginning art 2016-2017 Phoenix's projects

Hi, I'm Phoenix!

This semester of beginning art with Mrs. Fuller and all my amazing classmates was really a great experience. We worked through lots of projects and techniques that helped us explore different styles of art, and I even found out a few things I haven't thought of before!

In the future I have a few goals. I'd like to be an artist, however I want a job that will give me the time and money needed to support my many hobbies. As of now I am considering a field of computer science that will allow me to do some of my work at home, while still giving decent pay. Along with this I may be a graphic designer as well.

Elements Drawings

Let's start with one of the first things we did!

This is the chart we made for the 7 elements of art. Like most things I've done, I spent way too much time on certain parts of it and never really fully completed it to my liking. Still cool either way, though!

Stop horsing around

Here's an interesting one! This was drawn completely upside down, using a reference picture. Hence the odd proportions and all that. It turned out loads better than I thought it would, considering it being upside down and all.

Other Projects


Before and after... honestly, I like the before of this one much better. The after just looks lumpy and misproportionate and... weird. However, my side portrait, in my opinion, turned out much better! Just... keep scrolling.

Aaaand here it is, my side portrait!

I did MUCH better on this one, if I do say so myself. I'm still not amazing with blending and using graphite powder, but it's an improvement! Notice the value of the light and dark points in the picture, made by applying light or heavy pressure on the pencil, then blending it out.

Hand me an eraser please

Another before and after- again, we focused on the shading and shape of the object.

It's a fish!

This was our project for positive and negative space! Positive space being the object itself, and negative space being all the space it does not occupy. This is among my favorites from this semester!

My favorite bug :)

And here's my favorite of all projects! Although it was a painfully slow project, I absolutely love the results. I used a stippling technique for the shading and form of the object. The texture of the shading fits perfectly with the ghost mantis portrayed in the photo. I submitted this for the Scholastic competition and ended up winning a silver key!

I love skeleton musicians!

Here's my still life! I admit, I did end up getting discoraged on this one as many others and did not do as well as I would have liked, but looking back I did alright. It may not be perfect, but a good experience either way.

L e g

Now I know what you're thinking- "This isn't finished or colored well!?". I know. I messed up and tried to fix it and messed up again and OUCH. I really didn't even want to spend the time fixing it, but I am very glad I could work with two point perspective again.

Another fISH

And at last, the scratch board "drawing". I used an exacto knife to cross hatch the light parts, instead of the dark. I like the way this one goes from a bright point of focus on the head, to fading out near the back. The shiny silver color of the board is perfect for his fish!

Wip :)

The last project! I am not done with this just yet, but we are using oil pastels to color everything and it blends nicely.

I found many of these projects challenging and at some points I got very discouraged at my art ability. I am very proud of some of these, but very embarrassed by the others. I admit, I may be somewhat of a perfectionist but in an odd way. I like things to be perfect to me- they can't be too plain or simple, I need them to be creative and pleasing to the eye. I really enjoyed finding new talents and finding new friends in this class.


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