Alarm clock By: Xierra

What is it?

The alarm clock is an invention that was made to wake up a person every morning for work.

How does it work?

The first alarm clock worked by dropping peddles on an gong, witch made a sound. And you could set the amount of time.

What year was it invented in?

The alarm clock was invented in 429-347 B.C.

Does it still exist today?

Yes, the alarm clock still exists today. I know that it still exists today because I wake up to an alarm clock every day. You can have the Clock app witch is like an alarm clock just on an device, but you can use an actual alarm clock.⏰

How does this invention impact our life today?

This invention impacts us because if we didn't have alarm clocks, most adults would of lost there jobs. They would lose there job because they would be late to work. It also impacts us students because some of us use an alarm clock to wake up for school.

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