Exploring Labels Carly gonzAlEz

I choose to study the category of HIPPIES

A person, especially of the 1960' who rejected established institutions and values and sought spontaneity, direct personal relations expressing love, and expanded consciousness, often expressed externally in the wearing of casual, folksy clothing and of beads, headbands, used garments, etc...


"They are weird"

"They are dirty and wear dreadlocks"

"I think they are pretty cool"

"They dress up with a lot of colors, they don't seem to care about anything, they are basically the YOLO generation"

"They are really lay back, they don't worry about anything, they have thrift shop clothes"

So, based on some studies and personal opinions, hippies are expected to...

  • Avoid personal care items
  • Have clothes from thrift shops
  • Don't shave your body hair
  • Having respect for their own body and this begins with the food they eat
  • They are not bother by everyday problems
  • Some of the adults of this group may consume Cannabis
  • They are really protective with Mother Nature

The cons of being a hippie to the society:

  • They are mostly not treated with a lot of respect
  • They are underestimated
  • They are normally placed in the lower stages of popularity of the school they are in
  • People look down on you
  • They laugh at your clothes


I think that The category that people is most likely to place me in is normally “preppy”.

The expectations of this group
  • Well educated
  • Neat looking person
  • Comes from a solid well-established family
  • Well dressed and elegant clean style
  • Likely to attend honorable schools and universities
  • Good manners
  • Are polite to everyone
  • Have a rich vocabulary
To finish this assignment a point that i wanna make is that most people think that to be preppy means to be a “bitch” or to think that you are superior to other people, and that is totally not the case. This has come to this point of confusion because normally “preppy” people would want to be somewhere important in their lives, such as an honorable college, a really good job or just to take advantage of a good opportunity that they might have in the course of their lives. So when this opportunity is presented, they will do whatever is in their hands to take it and to make it theirs, obviously, always if they fight hard enough for it and if they deserve it. But never trying to ruin someone else’s life. Therefore, i am proud of being who and how i am.

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