The Feudal System Medeival Times


A manor is the self sufficient estate of a medieval Lord.

The manor was the home to the peasants and the Lords who ruled over them. There was one Lord per manor, and he was given his land by the king, who ruled in a palace that was not in the manor. The Lords gave land inside the manor to peasants, as well as protection.


The feudal system is a strict social system in which landowners grant people land or other rewards in exchange for military service or labor.

This system was the backbone of society in medieval times.

The People who lived on the manor

  1. The Lords
  2. The knights
  3. The serfs ( peasants, servants, and ordinary soldiers )

Dependance: PeopLe in MedIeval tImes

People in Medieval times were very interdependent, meaning that they depended on each other for everything.

The peasants needed the protection and land that the Lords offered. The King needed the protection of the knights and wanted the money of the peasants. The knights depended on the Lords for their land. The Lords depended on the king for land. Everyone depended on the Serfs for food.

Feudal Pyramid

The feudal system AND POLITICS

The Feudal System was a very large factor in politics.

Peasants couldn't raise themselves farther then they already were, so a peasant could have no political power. Lords were born into high classes and therefore had more power. Noblemen could upgrade with land given to them by the king after pledging loyalty to him. The king was born into his kingdom, he couldn't change.

The Feudal system and Social structure

Social Structure was based off of the Feudal System.

The Feudal System decided which class you were in, whether or not you could change that class, and how that Class defined you. If you were a serf you could never change classes, you were bound to the land, and you were treated poorly.

Feudal System and economy

The Feudal System influenced economy very predominately.

The Feudal System caused the economy to be somewhat balanced, and yet unfair. The kings and lords had all of the money, which wasn't good for the peasants and the knights. This caused the economy to be based on the upper classes, and there was a very small balance.


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