Chad Bella Johnson

The continent of Africa, Chad is in the Southuern and Eastern hemisphere.
This is Chad and its surrounding countries
The capital of my country is N'Djamena
Physical Characteristics
Chad is a tropical and temperate, but it's also I'm between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn
Chad has a lot of Basins and Plateaus
Chad has a very small population compared to many places. Chad has 12.5 million people while others are billions and much more. Chads world rank is 162 out of 196 meaning it has a very low GDP per capita at only $2,500 per person, Life Expectancy is only 49.44 meaning that's the average age people live there. Along with a literacy rate of 35.4%. Meaning from some of the data shown the country is still developing, the average life expectancy is at least 70 or more, Chads Literacy rate is very low too. The average literacy rate for a developed country is 99% meaning kids over 15 can read and write.
Chads 5 top city's are N'Djamena Chari Baguirmi, Moundou Logone Occidental, Sarah Mayer Chari, Abeche Quaddai and Kelo Tandijile.My country is more rural than Urban though, more people are leaving my country then entering.
My country is still developing because there is not much food or water and it's very hot/humid and many are leaving by -2.63% Along with not many jobs.
The main languages my country speaks are French, Arabic, Sara and along with 120 more. Most religions are Muslims. Some characteristics about my country's culture are they have a certain bible and many of their own holidays. Some of the foods they eat are mostly like ours and some different for example one thing they eat is porridge for vegetables and fruits they eat everything we eat but for meat they do raise their own and soon eat them. Along with dainty they have cows to make their own yogurt or milk but there is many super markets also where some food is sold.


Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - - "Chad Grunge Flag" • Newport Geographic - "4106-31_04A_LRG" • Ken Doerr - "Flight from Kome 5 to N'Djamena 04" • Ken Doerr - "Approach to Hassan Djammous airport, N'Djamena, Chad" • Ken Doerr - "Approach to Hassan Djammous airport, N'Djamena, Chad, across the Chari river in dry season." • USASOC News Service - "150216-A-FT904-223" • Ken Doerr - "Enroute Kome to N'Djamena" • UKUnitedNations - "Views from the convoy: Chad" • Arcaion - "tree lonely winter" • Irish Defence Forces - "Chad"

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