ACT fabrication Explainer video

Please follow this link to a musical track we have selected for this project as you review the treatment.

Goal and Objectives

There are two main goals and objectives for this project: To create an awareness video that will assist in generating more leads for ACT Pipe & Supply's customer in Mexico and ACT Pipe & Supply's local audience. Our goal is to leave the audience with a basic overview of ACT Pipe & Supply's manufacturing process and value proposition.


Two 2-5 minute videos delivered in Full HD 1920x1080 archive version and 1280x720half HD optimized web version. One version in Spanish and one version in English.


We've pared down our purpose for the project to five "Keywords" which represent the purpose and intent behind the story. The 5 Keywords represent the purpose or intent behind the story. They represent the inspiration, tone, audience, action, and uniqueness of the story. In defining the purpose of the story as a series of single words, we ensure that we’re getting at the essence of the story in the clearest way possible. The Keywords are developed and agreed upon at the beginning of a project so that we have a tangible filter for all of our creative decisions moving forward. By doing so, we're ensuring that the content we create delivers the right results in the right way. We arrive at the Keywords by looking at a series of prompts and brainstorming all the relevant, single-word answers for each. While we considered many iterations of each Keyword, what we've presented here is what we’d recommend as the purpose behind this story.


Customers can trust ACT's certified staff to produce high quality, thoroughly tested products.


ACT is committed to customer satisfaction and the quality of their products. They prove this commitment through their ridged quality control process.

Fire Protection Contractors

Our target audience are fire protection contractors for small to large companies in Mexico and Texas.


We want the audience to call the number listed on the ACT website.

The Approach

We will use the Baker Hughes marketing video as a style guide for this project. The pacing, voice, and tone will be informed by the Baker Hughes video.

Each welder is certified and trained on both the NAP computerized weld machine and the Cyprus welders.

The Subjects

The subjects will be ACT Pipe & Supply staff filmed while they are busy at work. We want to communicate the idea of competence and hard work and convey the high quality of ACT’s team and facility.

Images below are representative of the proposed shotlist

The Inspiration

This video is filmed with a kinetic style of cinematography. The camera will always be moving as it follows the ACT team as they do their work. The audience will be left with the idea that they are witnessing the ACT team hard at work. The composition and camera movement is kinetic in style to convey the idea of dedication and diligence. The lens choice is 35mm-50mm to continue that illusion. Also worth noting is the way the shot’s production elements compliment to the diligence and hard work of the ACT team.

Style Guide

EIF (the video below) has a similar process to ACT. Keeping this in mind we will most likely be shooting similar processes at ACT. However we will be using the Baker Hughes video (above) as the style guide for this project.

At this time we require a 50% down-payment of the total invoice amount to book your shoot.

Please view the SOW, sign it then send the signed version to clover@newstorymedia.com

Next steps

After we have received your down-payment and signed SOW we'll need to schedule a short kick-off call to discuss any security, safety, parking, and any other outstanding issues.