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The cropping tool was used to crop a certain part of the picture to effect how it looks.

Selecting Pixels

Using the Selection tools and changing the colors allowed for the picture to have this effect.

Working with Pixels

An Outer Glow was added to the globes after they were moved around.

Improving Images with Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers were added to enhance the photo slightly.

Working with Type and Gracients

Gradients and type were added to the picture to make it customized.

Working with Brushes and Color Effects

Adjustments and the color picking tool were used to change the color of the dress.

Creating Special Effects

Creating new layers with different colors allowed for the black and white picture to be changed to color.

Improving Productivity

The Healing Brush and Cloning tool were used to remove aspects of the picture that were unwanted.

Teeth Whitening

Hue/Adjustment layers were added to give the effect of whiter teeth.,bs.1,d.cGc&psig=AFQjCNEtbEJhAV1xQ94rJkR2CZwRayIAbA&ust=1481212820187272

Removing Wrinkles

The Healing Brush and Clone tools were used to remove wrinkles.

Creating a Poster

The Add Text tool and Color Fill tool were used to create this picture.

Five Attitudes that are Important in a Workplace






Tips For a Good Poster Design

Make it easy to read from a distance

Good example//Bad Example

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