My Ideal Career- Barrister Shauna daly 10m

why do I want to do this job

When I was younger I always could see myself wearing a wig and a black gown and being in a courtroom, it always has appealed to me but know that i'm getting older it's the debating and the studying cases that appeal to my interests. The reason why I would want to become a barrister over a solicitor is the fact that I love debating and a solicitor would be stuck behide a desk in an office, I like the fact that I would be in court arguing cases. I find that really exiting.

What I will need to succeed to become a Barrister

What I will need to succeed to become a barrister, I will need to be able to work well pressure with a good understanding of peoples emotions and feelings also I need to be confident at speaking out.

Positives and Negatives of being a barrister

Some of positives of becoming a barrister are, you get to help out society, help them fix their problems and solve their cases. You get paid good money hourly, monthly, yearly. Many business trips to different places will offered, people will look up to you and respect you. You get to work with intelligent people, that enjoy doing the same thing you do.

How many hours in a week and how much I would get payed

If I was working at a medium sized firm I would Probably work closer to 42-54 hours per week as so if i was working in a higher firm which I will make my way up to and I will make around £150,000 per year.

How I will become a barrister

To become a barrister I will need to study to be a solicitor which i would do LPC and then to go on into the Bar I will take the BPTC. As becoming a barrister I need to have good powers of persuasion, whether oral or written and to be able to explain complex issues so that my clients, members of the jury are able to follow the argument clearly.

How do barristers work?

Most Barristers are self-employed, but work in groups in what are known as sets of barristers chambers. These sets will often specialise in just one or two main areas of the law, chambers get sickness or holiday pay but if you where a self-employed barrister you would not receive this.


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