Fuck The Po-Po By Corey Smooth

Live In Chattanooga

2012 | Country

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“So I got arrested, just for speaking up, and that cop said boy the only right you have is to shut the fuck up. -- Now I'm a jail-bird, I've done time in the pen and I've got a real messed up story to tell all my friends. -- Yeah, my name was in the newspaper in my home town, They ruined my reputation because I didn't bow down. Hell no."


  • Corey Smith quit his job as a high-school teacher at 28 to pursue music as a full-time career.
  • Smith grew up in Jefferson, Georgia near Athens.
  • Smiths first nine records were self produced and released through independent labels.


Luke Tatum

"They ruined my reputation because I didn't bow down." Ain't that something. Let's talk for a moment abou the pedestal that people place cops on, shall we? If any normal person went around making ubsubstatiated claims of bad conduct against anyone they met, that person would quickly develop a reputation as a bad-mouther. Right? People start to doubt the accusations of people who do nothing but accuse, especially if these accusations are unfounded. It's much like that "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story. Your own reputation suffers because you put it on the line to go after someone else. But--because of the magic of mass public indoctrination--cops can plant evidence on people and be recorded doing so. They can make a career out of ruining lives, and still be praised everywhere they go with special discounts, "Back the Blue" signs, and embarrassingly painful "Thank you’s” from strangers. Sick.

Sherry Voluntary

As a Chattanooga native, I'm so glad to hear so many of my countrymen getting so excited about fucking said Po Po. That gives me hope. This song is great almost all the way to the end, but it loses me at "There’s a lot of good cops, who serve and protect/And they boldly put their lives on the line/To protect our rights and give us peace of mind." This right here is the problem. People see the problem with police and can even articulate them pretty well, but then let them off the hook. Stop it! Learn to separate how "nice" a cop may be while he violates you from the illegitimate State authority that gives them the power to harass, harm, and throw you in a rape cage for victim-less crimes. Some rapists wear condoms. That doesn't make them good guys.

Nicky P

What a common story. Should I rant about the breaking of the fourth amendment by the officers that starts with an illegal stop? Should I steal Sherry's thunder and mention Smiths Stockholmes Syndrome peaking out at the end? I think i'll go with Smith's accusations that its simply revenue generation at the end of the song. The truth is more accurate than he can even know. There's fees at every step of the legal process that you remand to the state. Another point people don't talk about as much is that most of our politicians are lawyers by trade. They continue to manufacture more laws and make legislation exponentially more labyrinthine and inaccessible to individuals forcing us to use the services of their profession. I prefer not to look at my fellow people as piggie banks.

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Nicky P