Opposing Viewpoints A Gale In Context resource

Top 10 Reasons to Use Opposing Viewpoints

#1 Choosing a topic is easy - you can browse to your heart's delight and find a topic that interests you.

#2 Once you find a topic, you have a variety of resources at your fingertips: magazine articles, newspapers, images, ,videos, statistics, reference materials,biographies, audio files, academic journals and even interactive maps.

#3 You can search within your results or narrow your search with related terms.

#5 Each topic features viewpoints that are selected by experts because they cover the important sides of an issue.

#6 There are a variety of ways to sort your results: reading level, date published, title, and most importantly - relevance to the topic.

#7 All Gale resources integrate seamlessly with Google drive! Just log into your Google account, save the articles that interest you into a temporary folder.

#8 Easily create a bibliography - Select more and open your folder of saved articles. Put a check next to each article, then select citation tools. You can download your entire bibliography.

#9 Highlight and take notes within each article, and download the results into your Google drive.

#10 All Gale In Context resources are organized in the same way, so once you have learned the features in one, it's easy to switch to any resource you need! Check out this video tutorial for a quick overview.

Videos shared with permission from Monica Ahern, Library Media Specialist, William H. Hall High School

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