Homework Help Should Parents help their children with homework?

Jane McBummble had a ton of homework to finish, it also due the next day. But, she also had to go to swim-team and a party to attend. So, when she arrived home that day she asked her dad for help. He was only supposed to help a little, but ended up doing the whole thing. Her dad was only doing what most parents do. Whether it’s only helping out a little bit it can turn into doing the whole project.

So, this leads to a bigger question. Should parents help with homework?

The answer is NO.

Tons of students need help with homework, but they shouldn’t rely on their parents. Studies have proven that if parents check students homework every day, their grades won’t actually get better. If your child has questions, ask them talk to their teacher instead of you.

Education consultant Judy Dodge states that for homework help, children should ask their teacher because teachers know how to help teach students to find the answer rather than tell the answer. This is essential if a student is going to learn the content. Homework is meant to help review what is being taught. When a parent does so much, the teacher doesn’t know how much the student can actually do on his own.

Are there advantages to parents helping with homework?

However, some believe it is good for parents to help out with homework. It’s a chance to find out what they children are learning about. Helping with homework also gives parents some insights into student’s interests. This can help parents find other programs. Because classes are so large, students don’t get individual help. Some students need this help. Just talking it out with a parent can help them see the solutions or learn the content. Finally, a person’s education is both what is taught at home and school. Why should school be the only place to learn?

The problem is, that in trying to help, parents become too involved. Some children get so use to it, they start to expect the parent to do the homework. Parents who do help with with homework, should be aware that helping in middle school could result in bringing grades down. And if parents think that helping will earn a higher score, they’re wrong. Many class grades are based heavily on tests. If a student hasn’t done the homework, chances are she won’t do well on the test. Research has been conducted and that kids who’ve had help with homework actually scored lower on tests than those who didn’t have help.

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So, what can parents do to help their child in school?

Another solution would be to help create a distraction free environment for the child. Parent can do that by removing distractions like turning off the t.v off, or setting up a specific time for homework. Parents can also help students get to school for tutoring. Parents should ask their children about their classes and what they are learning. They shouldn’t DO the learning. That is a big difference. The answer is not to tell the answers or do the project, but help by giving them resources. Some students benefit when parents listen to a student explain HOW to answer a problem.

So, students, if you have help from your mom or dad with homework, STOP. Tell them you will figure it out on your own. Ask your teacher instead, they went to college for that specific reason and you will be better off learning the information for yourself.


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