Journal Entries CU 1010

Entry 1

What are some time management strategies I used last year? How did those strategies worked?

A time management strategy I used last semester was that I formed study groups with people in my class and sometimes my friends. I realized that I was less productive when working with friends. When I study with my friends, I had the tendency to talk and socialize instead of completing my goals and accomplishing my overall task. Needless to say, I will not be using this strategy this semester.


What makes ME uncomfortable, how procrastination has impacted MY life, and what and why I prefer process over product

Concerning school, I can not think of anything that makes me uncomfortable. I am more unhappy with my performance at school. My grades and GPA are examples of the certain aspects of school that I am unhappy with currently. Procrastination has greatly impacted my life especially in school. If I manage my time better my grades and GPA would greatly improve. I prefer process over product because process is the actual work of learning while product is winning an award, meeting a goal, or earning a title. I am a kinetic learner so I like to perform the actual work so I can better understand what I need to do to improve.


Discuss what changes I might make in my test preparation based on my responses to the checklist in my book.

Fill out Professor Felder’s checklist in Chapter 17, then discuss what changes I might make in my test preparation based on my responses.

Professor Felder’s checklist

Based off the Checklist, I noticed a trend in my lack of preparation at " home". I tend to focus better and complete my work if I am studying or doing my homework at a "school" setting. I need to concentrate on understanding my homework and making attempts to ask questions in class. I would make the change by looking over fundamental problem types and rereading notes after each class each day. Also outlining problem solutions and creating practice problems at home would better prepare me for test. I would also make changes in my test preparation by going to review sessions and meeting my professor during their office hours to receive help outside of class hours.

entry 4

How you feel about group projects and how you feel about talking to your professors?

Well there are good and bad aspects in working in groups. I feel more comfortable making presentations when I'm in a group. BUT I really hate it when my grade is determined by someone else's performance. I could have a group-mate who doesn't care about the class and ignores me when we work together and I end up screwed. I AM SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. I can rely on myself to get a good grade, but not on other people and if I get a bad grade I am the one to blame. Most students may have a anxiety when talking to their professor and others just do not feel comfortable asking their professors questions . I am not that person. If I have a question I will quickly email my teachers. I attend their office hours if I have multiple questions. I attend office hours more if I do not like the class or the teacher because in those classes I need to put in more effort.


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