Project Wall and the inspiration iNdex

This project came about from several conversations had with friends recently, I don’t know if it’s a combination of how “bad” 2016 was for a lot of people or if we’re all starting to get a bit old (!) but seems to be a lot of people who want to do something different or introduce some adventure into their lives.

I fall into this boat as well, having taken up marathon running, and more, since 2014 have realised that it is possible to things that at first seem impossible/stupid (e.g. a mile of Burpees).

But even having “found “this out, I’m still finding it hard to inject more personal growth into my life , mainly through not knowing where to begin.

I believe it is true what they say ,you really can "be anything you want to be if you want it enough", the hard thing is getting to, or knowing how to, start on a journey towards achieving them. That's what this project aims to help us to do.

The Wall

Warning cheesy chat coming up......

We put a lot of effort into setting up a comfort zone throughout our lives.

Everyone’s is slightly different but it tends to revolve around relationships, career, and health.

Now comfort zones are generally a pretty good thing, you get a routine that you can predict and handle, you’re relatively productive and in short moseying along rather nicely.

However we also actively crave growth in our lives (evidence; Homo sapiens leaving Africa, going to the moon or seeking that promotion.

If you’ve got a clear growth goal in mind and path to achieving that goal, then most of the time you will achieve it.

The trouble is, a comfort zone and growth events don't always work together and it's always easier to remain in the comfort zone and provide reasons why you can't leave.

We’re also great personal pigeonholers. By that I mean as adults we get into the mindset of “this is who I am “and tend to forget that a lot of our situation right now is resultant of several variable decisions we’ve undertaken through our lives, and there’s no guarantee that if you were to go back in time and repeat you’d end up being in the same personal space you are right now.

I think this is one of the underlying reasons why we say no to following a lot of our personal ideas dreams or thoughts; they simply don’t fit with how who we think we are.

You may have heard of the 10,000 hour theory, which states that to master a subject you need to devote 10,000 hours to it. Now the actually number of hours needed may or may not be 10,000 but regardless of that, you are only a matter of hours, week or years from another “you” (hate that phrase) all you need to do is start spending time doing it, how amazing is that? Just donate some of your time (the average persons spends 15 days a year on their phones) and you can grow your life !

Here’s where the wall comes into it, how often a day do you have a thought or idea that is outside your comfort zone that you say no to? Why do you say no ?

Partly because it doesn’t fit with your personal pigeonhole so you don’t think you can do it , or you’re scared or embarrassed about failing at something.

Imagine every time you say no to an idea, that idea becomes another brick in a nice Trump-esque wall around your comfort zone.

Now that’s fine if you’re happy with your comfort zone. However if you’re finding your comfort zone a bit stale or boring, then you're doing the mental equivalent of walking up to the wall peeping over it and imaging what you might be like if you hadn't said no to an idea and built the wall.

So how do you escape the wall? Well you’ve gotta grow your comfort zone so that it’s bigger than your wall , start saying yes to some of your ideas or try new things so brick by brick you can make a hole in the wall and instigate some challenge and some growth into your life.


How many people do you know who've done something you wish you could have done? One of the reasons psychologists say social media is bad for us is that it leads to comparisons between what we're all doing and our natural reaction tends to be to get jealous of what other people have/what they’re doing.

What if instead of getting jealous we asked them “Hey that’s something I’d like to do, how can I give it a go myself?”

So that’s the thinking behind the Inspiration Index, it’s a database of personal growth achievements/ideas that people have achieved and tips and plans for how you can start doing them. These challenges could range from small daily things to proper life changing long term projects.

By having a range of challenges like this we can all grow our comfort zones and escape that flipin’ cheesey wall.

Here's what the categories the Index will contain.....

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you've done something Inspirational please add it to the Index.

If there's someone you know who's done something inspirational please send them this and nominate them to add their experience to the Index.



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