Collection Development Monthly Vol 4 | Issue 3 | March 2020

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Collection Maintenance Updates
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Gov Docs of the Month
Space Invaders! Part I

L Collection Progress

We have been making progress for the L collection weeding project. With the targeted collection of approximately 10,000, the review team has completed evaluating more than 4,000 books and made careful weeding decisions. The first withdrawal list has been sent to the stacks maintenance team of Access Services. Special thanks to the following team members:

  • Jason: provided us with the Alma collection report
  • Manda and Olga: review books and make the weeding decisions
  • Matthew F: Working with his team to plan on removing books from the shelves


Database Trials Are Still On!

Please visit our Database Trials page to access our public trials for Education Week and The Crime Report and give us your feedback through the Qualtrics survey.

E-Resources Inventory Project Kicks Off

Jackie and Elizabeth are working with Christin Collins in Technical Services on an Electronic Resources Inventory Project. So far, they've identified 594 resources and have started gathering title lists.


Gov Docs of the Month

March Is Women's History Month! Check out the links below:

COVID-19 Guidance for Depository Libraries

Last week, the Federal Depository Library Program issued a statement to all participants that libraries do not need to provide access to physical government information when a library is closed.

Libraries, including KSU, will maintain access to digital gov docs through the catalog. If anyone doing chat reference has questions about accessing to gov info, please feel free to email Laurie.

Georgia Depository Coordinator Valerie Glenn reported yesterday that UGA would be closing public access to their Map & Government Information Library until further notice, though MAGIL will still available for research/consultation needs by email - mapsinfo@uga.edu. Finally, libraries have been asked to halt offers (the process for weeding physical docs) until normal operations resume.


Space Invaders! Part I

Until you feed us, we'll take your pen as tribute.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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