Celebrating Canada diversity food & landscape

Why Canada?

Out of all the things to love and celebrate in Canada, the food, diversity and landscape would be the best. Many places in the world have diverse communities, beautiful landscapes and great food but none come close to what Canada has to offer. All of these things and more contribute to Canada's rich history and have shaped it to be the great country that it is.

What Makes Canada So Great?


Canada's outdoors are famous for their breathtaking views. The scenery found across Canada is unlike any other. Thousands of lakes, forests, falls and mountains, not to mention the diverse wildlife within. A few of these spectacular landscapes include Niagara falls, the Northern Lights, the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Webster Falls. Even our busiest cities prove to be spectacular, as the Toronto landscape is recognized around the world.

Niagara falls has been around for over 12,000 years (Pope). Not only is it a hydroelectricity generator, it's also a landmark for Canadian culture and history. It is a symbol of Canada, and a wonderful tourist destination. Another example of Canada's beautiful landscape are the Northern Lights. The scientific name for the lights is Aurora Borealis, and they are caused by electrically charged particles from space. Us Canadians are lucky enough to see them as they only appear in the north and south poles. Furthermore, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are a big part of the stunning Canadian environment. The mountains are located in British Columbia and Alberta, and stretch for over 4800 km (Britannica).


The diversity in Canada is amazing because the languages spoken go much more beyond English and French. Whether it's the food, businesses or people, Canada is known for being a very diverse nation. Diversity means to have an equal celebration of different cultures, and Canada is a great host to many. A local example of this celebration is Carabram, a three day event that takes place in Brampton, Ontario, offering a way for the community to take a look into the cultures of many countries. From Jamaica all the way to Macedonia, people can enjoy cultural foods and buy clothes/souvenirs at booths and tents set up to display the countries.


Canada's food is just as important to Canadians as diversity is. Canadian food is part of what makes Canada the country it is today. There are some iconic foods that are synonymous with Canada, including poutines, Beaver Tails and maple syrup. Poutines are a favorite food to lots of people all around the world, but they originated in Canada in the year 1980 and have been a Canadian classic ever since. Maple syrup is also important to Canadians, it comes from our maple trees and is enjoyed with a lot of foods but mostly pancakes. In addition, there are many restaurants that are exclusive to Canada and loved by the nation, like Tim Horton's and Harvey's. Tim Horton's is one thing that most, if not all Canadians have had at least once. The great tasting foods and drinks are what might have made them branch out to America. The delicious coffee shop did not get it's name from just anybody however; it is named after the Canadian ice hockey Hall-of-Famer Tim Horton, who sadly passed away 10 years after the opening of the first Tim Horton's restaurant.

Why are These Things Important ?

Canadian diversity, foods, and the landscapes are important because without them Canada and it's people wouldn't be where they are today. A world without Canadian food would mean a world without Tim Horton's or Harvey's. Furthermore, if the CN Tower, the Rockies, and Niagara Falls did not exist, we would not only lose some great landmarks, but also a part of our Canadian identity. We should celebrate these parts of our country more often, as a constant reminder that Canada is a wonderful place to be, filled with diversity, beautiful landscapes and tasty food.


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