La Llorona By: Blanca peña

La Llorona was told to me as just another typical story. I always thought it was pretty cliché but who am I to say. My grandma told me kind of like the usual so-called "original" version of this folktale.

This story started out with a woman named Maria and her two children. They lived in a pretty abandoned house by an unknown river. Apparently the lady drowns her children in a river from depression because she wanted her kids to go to heaven. Her plan was to kill herself right after but she failed. For the rest of her life after that all she did was weep and sob over her regretting what she had done. Supposedly to this day people have found her crying in rivers looking for her children screaming "mis niños!!".

The crying and weeping and the long ripped white dress with the crazy pitch black hair are all symbols of this woman. Many people have retold this story mostly for entertainment not so much because of the fact that it has a meaning. I feel like the meaning of this whole thing might just be to not drown your kids because you will regret it forever and you might also get possessed by a demon is spirit that's all I'm going to say.


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