Baseball is Life austin coronado

"Baseball is his life",says the Field.
"He has the mindset of a champion,but is humble when he wins", say his winnings.
"He will put in the work during the offseason to become his best, because MLB is the dream...", says the Batting Cage.
"He wants to be in control of the game but knows he can't handle all the weight on his shoulders under pressure", says the Pitchers Mound.
One may say, "This is his weapon in the game and without it there is no chance of winning."
"He doesn't care what people think about him, He uses these to block out the haters", say the bright Sunglasses.
One may say, "This is his protection without it he is exposed and has no way to defend his ground."
Some say, "This is his home and no one shall take him out of his home, He must fight to protect it with the 3 chances he has."
"I'm the finisher, I can end a game with one single hit or pitch, I can ruin streaks or start streaks for teams", says the beaten and marked Baseball.

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