How to shoot a bow an arrow. By Gabriel lukie

Things to avoid 1.) Do not pull back and release the bowstring without an arrow. "Dry firing" causes micro-fractures in the bow from the stress of the force being reabsorbed. 2.) Always aim the bow towards the range or the ground. During shooting no animal or human should be in the range (area ahead of shooting line). Be cautious at all times. 3.) Wear an armguard whenever you shoot a bow to avoid scrapes or cuts on the bow arm.

Tips- 1.) An archer should pay attention to the recoil or follow through of his or her body, as it may indicate problems with form (technique). 2.)Avoid 'slapping' your forearm with the bowstring by rotating your arm inwards. Not only is it a more stable position, but it conveniently rotates your inner forearm away from the string's path.

First, you Assume the shooting position. Next, you Nock the arrow Then, Draw and anchor the bow. Finally, you Aim then you Release the string. Then, you repeat Follow through. I learned this skill by my dad when he had one so, now I follow his steps to doing it. If you keep doing and pulling back hard enough you will be really good at it and become a professional.

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