Introduction about wolves

Howl!!!! Grrr, running through the forest jumping over logs, creeping up close to the target then… ROAR, and that creature was a wolf! In this article you will learn more about a clever animal called a wolf and about their attacks, fighting skills, types and the way they howl.

Before a wolf attacks, they would lower their body and stays 15 feet away from their target so that the target don’t see them. Their gonna creep to the back of the target then ATTACK by biting and scratching the targets leg very hard then pulls the target down to the ground then starts attacking till the target stop breathing then died. Wolves only attack when they are hungry, to protect and to survive. When wolf attacks they would scratch and bites, bites and scratch!!
The wolf fighting skills are very simple to understand. Firstly, the wolf, fast and strong, runs to the target then uses their strong teeth to injured the target legs to slow down the target and it will also be easier to kill because if the targets leg injured, the target can’t run fast because the leg hurts. Very simple fighting skills to understand, step by steps of the wolf hunting skills but there is more!
There are lots of type of these wonderful creatures. The strongest type of a wolf, are the snow wolf, snow wolves has different kind of fur than other wolf because these snow wolf needs thicker fur to stay alive because they live in a colder temperature than others, the most common wolf types lives in the forest. Forest wolf lives in packs or you can call them alphas. The most grand types of wolf to find are the omegas, the omegas are very smart but not the smartest yet.Finally, some wolf changes color from the weather to have a better live so they can’t get attacks by other animals. Lots of wolf have types but this is not all the types.
Wolfs only howl if it is emergency, for example, wolf would howl because of danger, trouble, lost or when to attack. Wolf howling can be hear at the dark because some wolf stay late to communicate with others. Baby wolf need to learn to howl. Wolf howl is a signal to other wolves in a easy way without walking all the way!

CONCLUSION! There are wolves in the forest area running around having fun, and if you are visiting the forest keep your eyes out, these creature could run or jumps out any time now! So walk around and take a look at these wonderful creature!!


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