Chapter Two Ashley's ex boyfriends

All of Ashley's boyfriends are jocks either football, wrestlers, and occasionally tennis players but they was more rarer then anything else.
Sumner though was different then the rest he wasn't even close to being a jock. He is the one guy that is different then the rest he was skinny and smooth with black curly hair with blue eyes. He has a long lazy Alabama accent and wore tye-dye tops. He was a interesting and very funny guy. You always had a interesting day when he was around. One day when they were walking there was a cheese commercial that was going bye and the guy that was suppose to do it could never get the line straight. Sumner though heard all this and very loudly he says " this is the best cheese I've ever eaten" and right away the camera crew looked at him and asked if he could do the line. They then automatically replaced him to be the cheese guy in the commercial. He is the one guy that changed everything for her and will continue to change it for Haven.


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