Short story by:teague.s

We get to the car, I say “hi grandpa i say,”hey Teagurs” he replied. Let's get on the road i say. “Alright” He says,how long is the drive? I ask. Not very long he said.

Vrrrrrrrrrrr, You hear that? I said Yeah he said,What is that sound? I don't know but they car said to pull over he said. Okay I guess we should pull over then. Yeah good idea he said.

Grandpa what is wrong with the car,we've been here for almost 15 minutes,ok i'll call a tow truck he said,thank you. Grandpa where is the truck? Oh here it comes now he said. Thank the lord!!!

BOOM!!!!! What was that I ask,It's the car he says,It blew UP!!!!

I'm gonna need a new car can I buy one? Of course the worker said.

Finally we're here!!!!! We made it to Florida grandpa we did it!!!! Yeah it was a bumpy road he said.

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