Cape Cod in the West End The 566 lawton project

Our vision is simple: identify property in urban areas. Buy them low. Assemble a great team. Renovate exquisitely well. Sell for maximum profit.

Breathe. Then Repeat.

Historic West End Community

By the 1880s many wealthy Atlantans built large estates in the West End of Atlanta. The main street of Gordon Street became a bustling commercial district. From 1894 to 1930, West End grew rapidly in population and prosperity. An examination of building permits for Peeples, Gordon, Lee and Lawton Streets shows a large number of single family residences being built and increasing commercial buildings and churches going up along Gordon and at the long established business district at Gordon and Lee. Named 2015 Curbed Cup Champion and the hottest neighborhood in Atlanta of 2016 by Redfin, the burgeoning, yet historic community of West End is quickly becoming one of Atlanta’s most talked about and sought after neighborhoods for young professionals and families.

A typical West End Historic Home

We purchased this 3000 sq ft 2 unit apartment property for $80,500, on 2/6/2017. The property had been vacant off and on for 10 years. It had gone into severe disrepair. We discovered 2 dead possums by the water heater while doing the demolition. It appeared they had been dead for years.

There had been major water damage causing ceiling and floors to be very unstable and in some areas totally collapse.

The 1000 sq ft ground floor level unit has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. It has considerable mold and mildew. The carpet has mildewed so badly that the moisture level in the property is extremely high.

The upstairs unit, which is currently a 5 bedroom 2 bath 2000 sq ft upstairs/downstairs unit with gas fireplace, also has considerable water damage and unstable floors. If we are not careful we will fall through the floor due to so much rotten wood. The ceilings have to be held up with 2x4's to prevent them from collapsing.

All 3 Bathrooms in the property will need to be gutted. Our goal is to add an additional bathroom to the downstairs unit and then add an addition master bath to the upstairs apartment unit.

The project is managed by our amazingly competent team, led by Corey Pressley. Corey has 22 years of contracting experience and has most recently been focused primarily on commercial projects. James "Neal" Thomas is our project manager and has 30 years of project management experience. Robert King focuses on HVAC systems, electrical, and plumbing, with over 25 years of expertise in the field. Bernard Bell is the property developer and this is his 16th renovation project.

Bernard, James, Robert, and Corey. The construction and design team (L-R):
Day 1: Demolition Day

The demolition was commenced on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after everybody got home from church. Our project manager, James, assembled a team of 12 men--all from his church--and they came to WORK. The spirit on the project was absolutely great. By the the end of Day 1, we had almost gotten 70% of the building gutted. We filled up one dumpster with debris, and it was hauled off on Monday 2/13/2017.

Mister. Age 34. Part of the Demolition Team.

Next, we removed all of the carpet. We then moved onto removing the bad mechanicals. Most of the HVAC's parts had been removed so we will remove from the premises. Next we will focus on the ceilings to determine how strong the subfloor is and if any floor joists need to be replaced.

Day 2: Removed bad ceilings.

In order to determine how much damage to the floor joists, we had to cut through the ceilings and remove part of the drywall.

Meanwhile, the exterior of the rear of the property has major issues.

The skeleton on the exterior of the house is eaten up with rotted wood and by termites. The door frame has rotted and it appears has also been eaten up by termites. We have secured the exterior of the house with plywood and OSM board.

Termite damage is extensive

Day 2: We discover extensive termite damage

Upon removal of the deck in the back we discover extensive exterior damage on siding and termite damage has eaten all the way through the back of the house.

Day 2: Back of house

It appears that we will need to remove the entire back siding and replace. On the inside and outside.

Day2: Back of house

We found termites on day 2 of our renovation. It appears as if they have been eating well. For a long time!

Day 2: More rotted wood on the exterior

Looks like we will have to remove the exterior sheath to determine to what extent the termite damage has been.

Day 2: The floor joists are damaged between the ground floor unit and the upstairs unit on the exterior

These termites have been eating well for a looooong time

Day 2: Down to the studs on the exterior in back and still termite damage

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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