Webpagery! how to get your work to your client

Once you've got your Spark content looking the way you want, run it in your browser (Chrome is easiest) and right click in the middle of the page. You'll have the option to "Save As...".

Let's start by saving this stuff right to your Desktop. Once you've set that save location up, we'll fill in the two blanks at the bottom of this window.

Be sure to use only websafe characters for the File name of your piece. This means no spaces, symbols, dashes, or punctuation except the underscore "_". Letters and numbers in camelcase are ideal. For example : "MySalesforceOverview_JobAid" is great. "My Salesforce Overview:Job-Aid" will trip up the internet.

Once you've defined your save location, fill out the first blank. For "File name" you'll enter : MySalesforceOverview_JobAid (or something shorter...). This will be completed with ".html" by default.

For the next blank - "Save as type" - you'll want to ensure you've selected "Webpage, Complete".

So now, on your Desktop, you should find a file called MySalesforceOverview_JobAid.html and a folder called MySalesforceOverview_JobAid_files. These are now inseperable, unchangeable buddies. KEEP THEM TOGETHER! Don't rename them in any way or they will stop talking to eachother.

We are now ready for the Amazon Web Bucket Experience!

PLEASE use Chrome for the following process. Open the S3 Management Console as instructed by James Fogerson in his email to us all : 1. Go to http://rhcloudgate.rhino53.com

2. Click on the following link: https://signin.aws.amazon.com/switchrole?account=rh-training-websites&roleName=ADFS-StaffLearning-Admin

3. Click on “Switch Role”

4. Select “Services” from top left of your screen.

5. Select “S3”

6. The bucket name is "staff-development-materials”

Once in the Amazon Management Console, you should see the name of your particular "bucket". Ours happens to now be staff-development-materials. Double click on this bucket to go "inside" of that "folder". Once in here, we are likely to make many resources available, so let's start with a clean file drawer.

New Project? Make a new folder. Websafe characters ONLY, of course - make a new folder, keeping names as short as possible. We want to put our newest piece for access inside this folder, so go in there and let's begin the Upload process.

Click the blue Upload button to open the Upload process window. With that window visible, go back to your desktop (away from your browser) and select both the MySalesforceOverview_JobAid.html the folder called MySalesforceOverview_JobAid_files and drag them both to the grey area under "Add Files" This will only work in Chrome.

Once you've dragged them in that area and see their names listed, click the Upload button in the lower left of the Upload window. After some work, those files will be added to the folder we just created inside of your Amazon bucket!

Now we need to make sure the world can see these. To do that, click a check into the checkbox to the left of your files (both the folder and the file), and open the contents of the More button, to then select the Make public setting. This will open another dialogue box where you just need to select the blue Make public button in the lower right.

We need to go up a folder level, now, and set the folder these files are IN to Make Public, as well. To do that, near the top of the screen you'll see a red icon (maybe it's a puzzle piece?), then "Amazon S3 > staff-development-materials > " This is the file path to folders above where you currently "are" - we want to go up a folder, into the staff-development-materials folder - so click those words on this path (the words are links). Then repeat the above process - select the checkbox next to the folder, click on More, select Make public.

Your content is now LIVE!!! Now, where do I send my users? To find the link you'll need to send out, go back into the folder you made, where the MySalesforceOverview_JobAid.html and the folder MySalesforceOverview_JobAid_files are sitting. if you click in the empty space after the name MySalesforceOverview_JobAid.html, which should bring up a little info panel on that file. You should see in the first section "Object" a long file path to the right of the word Link. That's your link! Click it to check it, select it to copy it, paste it to share it.


Created with images by Pexels - "code code editor coding"

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