Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH aaron goldberg

Nature on Display

Me and a butterfly in the butterfly garden

The butterfly garden at the museum is a great way to immerse yourself in the habitat of the butterflies. This exhibit was the one that caught my attention the most because I was able to walk around with butterflies flying around me. The plants and stream flowing through the exhibit made it seem like a magical place and a way to relax and truly cherish the moment. The design of the exhibit makes you feel that you are really out in nature and not just in a section of a museum. I was able discover how butterflies interact in their habitat and feel that I was a guest in their environment, instead of the other way around.

Nature and Ethics

Me and some really cool cocoons

A surprise to me when I visited the museum was when I saw the rows of cocoons where the scientists were breeding butterflies. I feel like this way of breeding is a way to preserve nature and allows us to be a member of the "biotic community". I feel that by reproducing butterflies in this way we are guaranteeing that the butterflies are able to reach their adult life and to be released. Some of the other people around me were just as fascinated by this exhibit as I was. The museum allowed the visitors to experience the exhibit and interact with nature by visiting the butterfly garden. This garden shows that the results of the breeding are successful. By visiting the butterfly garden and seeing the cocoons in the lab made me feel a responsibility to protect the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Me and a giant sloth

When I stood next to the skeleton of the giant sloth, i felt that i was able to connect to the exhibit on a deeper level. It made me realize that times long ago were much different with the type of animals that walked the Earth. I had never felt so small than when I was standing next to the sloth. By standing next to this I was able to appreciate my place on this planet, knowing I would not be able to survive. I could have never imagined a sloth being this big which makes me truly admire the mystery of the world in the past, present and future.


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