Keep NYC Union Together, doing the right thing is possible.

This is a story about the working people of New York City.

Since the turn of the 20th century,

working people have struggled for a better life.

Manhattan's Little Italy, Lower East Side, circa 1900

They joined together and formed Unions,

to fight for a living wage,

Construction workers on strike, 1930

and for workplace safety.

Demonstration for thirty construction workers who died from 2014 - 2016 because of lacking safety standards on non-union work sites.

Their fight continues today.

Unions built New York City from the ground up.

They are responsible for the bridges,

Manhattan Bridge - 1909

George Washington Bridge - 1930s

the skyscrapers…

View from Empire State Building - 1930s

Workmen raise the flag at the new Empire State Building - 1930s

Construction of UN's Permanent Headquarters

and the infrastructure of New York City.

Third Avenue Line train tracks - 1878 (AP Photo)

Sandhogs, Lincoln Tunnel - 1955 (NY Times)

They have recognized that joining together,

is the best means of protecting themselves and their families.

Unions = Protection

Today’s workplace rights, like the eight-hour work day,

and laws covering health and safety on the job,

have been won by the struggles and sacrifices of working people in Unions.

Unions are empowered by the strength of solidarity.

Their actions embodied the American dream of fairness.

Unions have built an opportunity for all to succeed.

Unions protect the working people of New York City through public demonstrations.

They connect with workers, and help to educate non-union contractors on health and safety standards.

Together, doing the right thing is possible.


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