Sumatran Tiger Kristen Derringer

The endangered animal species I have chosen is the Sumatran Tiger. These tigers have heavy black stripes, an orange coat, and black patches around the eyes

The Sumatran Tiger lives in Sumatran Island, Indonesia. This tigers needs for survival are its prey, water, shelter, air, and its location.

Humans have caused a big impact on the Sumatran Tiger species. Humans are the cause for deforestation, which has led to many tigers habitat being taken away. The tigers may end up hunting closer to humans which is not safe for the tigers or the humans. This leaves the tigers exposed to poachers, and leaves the tigers with less food as the poachers may kill the elephants and rhinos for their horns and tusks.

We are tracking the tigers to monitor their movement to make sure they stay away from civilization. We are also working on catching poachers and arresting then to lesson the tiger hunts. Along with this we are limiting the amount of trees being cut down to protect the tigers habitat.

In conclusion, the Sumatran Tiger may have a chance at survival if we all pitch in and help these tigers. The tigers are having a better chance at repopulating due to the actions some of us are taking to protect them.

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