Becoming a American citizen

#oldenoughtobecitizen I can now apply for my citizenship.

#permanentresident Renting a house to live in.

#livedherefor5years Now the hard stuff starts.

#boughtmyhouse proven my permanent citizenship by buying a house.

#beenhelpingthecommunity I'm taking part in the community service center.

#livedatmyhousefor3monthspriortosending I sent out 3 months ago and ready for the next step.

#showinggoodmoral I joined the have a heart foundation to show good moral and help the people.

#learnedandaccecptedtheusconstitution it was hard to learn and accept it bit I did it.

#learnedhowtoreadamdwrite I can now read speak and write English.

#learnedushistoryandcivic The history of the us is just abunch of revolts and civil wars and it's just intense.

#havetakentheusoath the oath was long and hard to memorize but it was worth it.

#imanamericancitizen I'm so hyped I'm an American citizen after 5 years of hard work to earn my trust I'm finally done.


Created with images by StuSeeger - "Painted Flag Art" • Bruce Guenter - "Day 148: The end of the line"

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