Lucid Dreaming By Marisa bist

Question 1: What is Lucid Dreaming?

-dreamer is aware

-dreamer has control

-NO boundaries

You can do ANYTHING, and be ANYWHERE in a lucid dream! The possibilities are endless!

-dreamer having all senses


Question 2: Is it possible to learn lucid dreaming?

-common practices

-why people want to learn this

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Question 3: What is the future of lucid dreaming/What are other uses for lucid dreaming?


Around 70% of adults have admitted to having nightmares, which can cause insomnia and depression. What if lucid dreaming could fix this?
In a lucid dream you can learn to overcome your fears by exerting control over your nightmare.

-stress and anxiety

Lucid dreaming could also prepare you better for stressful situations such as an exam.
You can dream of taking the test calmly and getting an A on it. This way you are mentally prepared for when the actual test comes.


Also, because of lucid dreaming, depression would be completely non-existent in the human population!
For instance, a person with depression could find out that flying makes them happy in a lucid dream. Every night they could fly, which would make them more happy as a person.


-unlock hidden parts of your mind

-increased self awareness

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