Donna Osborn the murder of clinton osborn

Donna Osborn is guilty of killing her husband Clinton Osborn III. The mother of Osborn, Clara said that Donna did not appear to be a very capable or independent person. Clinton wanted a divorce from Donna so it is very likely that Donna got mad and killed Clinton for wanting to leave her.


Donna had "more interest in her career rather than her family"(pappas). she spend more time at school with Jack Mathews in lonely classrooms. Donna could not take anymore of Clinton and "must come to an end"(pappas).


A professor at Yale law school, Lynn Johnson claims that donna Osborn's conduct "does not fit" the burning bed defense or the battered wife syndrome(pappas). Donna's husband never beat Donna thus making the battered wife defense admissible in court.


Lee Harris spoke to Ms.Osborn when she reiterated, "[Donna] is in fear for her life because of the increase of verbal and physical abuse"(pappas). Donna did not say who was hurting her; for all we know she could have been hurting herself, and blaming everything on her husband.

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