Iris Illusions Digital photography By miranda bomba

Palm Trees
Christmas Tree
Sunset In Florida
House In Florida
Cobblestone Cities
Always hug a palm tree before you go.. #Florida
Glass Fire Pit
Little charm.
Profiles Of Sarah
Portrait Practice
The Sky Cries
Visit to an abandoned house - May 2017
Forced Perspective Photos May 2017

Artist Statement Below

*click* That was the sound of the camera. I didn't just take a photo, I captured a moment. It might've been those wild flowers that popped up in my backyard that summer, or that time I met that puppy on the beach, or maybe it was the time my mum was laughing in the kitchen as she was dancing while an unfamiliar song played. Photography isn't just taking pictures, it's storing a memory. Capturing a mere moment from time and space that I can hold in my hand or place on my bedroom wall. You see a camera, but I see an opportunity. An opportunity of a lifetime, that I might capture a moment that I want to relive tomorrow, or next year, or when I'm 80. Photography can change person. It makes me wish my brain were the camera and my eyes the shutter so that I might be able to store all those memories that I never had a camera for. Photography is a devotion that once started, will be difficult to stop. It's not just an avocation, it's a lifestyle.

Photos Taken Over April Vacation 2017
Tintype - Hotel Viking
Cyanotype - Roses - Light to Dark Fliters
Cyanotype - Meter - Light to Dark Fliters
Cyanotype - City - Light to Dark Filters - First Try
Cyanotypes - All
Gunner - Eye Level (Run-Off) - Worms Eye View (Rule of Thirds) - Birds Eye View (Rule of Thirds)
Daisy - Eye Level (Rule of Thirds) - Worms Eye View (Rule of Thirds) - Birds Eye View (Rule of Thirds)
Zeus - (From left to right; above to below) - Worms Eye View (Rule of Thirds) - Birds Eye View (Rule of Thirds) - Eye Level (Run-off)
Under Massachusetts Series - Salem - Boston
Under Atlanta Series
Roses Series
Composition Bag Photo - My Puzzle Pieces vs. Ring - In both photographs the rule of thirds was used, and in both the object in focus is to the right. The photo on the left is darker than the photo on the right. In the ring photo, the photographer seems to use the light the their advantage, and for the puzzle pieces, I tried to use the shadows to my advantage. (The image of the ring does not belong to me.)

Welcome to my new photography page, my name is Miranda, this is my work so far.

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Miranda Bomba


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