Beaurevoir Church and monument of St Joan of Arc & Castle remains


On the left can be seen the watch tower, the only remains of the XIV century castle which was situated in between the forested area in the center, and the town to the right.
« Joan of Arc was held prisoner from August to November, 1430, in the castle of the Luxembourg family in Beaurevoir. Wishing to assist her "good friends of Compiègne," she jumped from the tower and was grievously wounded. From Beaurevoir, she was conducted to Rouen. (5th centenary) »

Town Hall

Castle of Beaurevoir (XII)

Saint Joan of Arc was held prisoner in the castle of the Burgundian, Jean de Luxembourg, from August to December 1430. When her voices informed her that Compiègne was being threatened by the Anglo-Burgundians she was even more desperate to escape. In one bold attempt, she jumped from her 70-foot (21 m) tower, landing on the soft earth of a dry moat. After she had recovered, she was moved further north to the Burgundian town of Arras.

The only remains of the castle today is the watch tower (la tour de guet, dite Tour Jeanne d'Arc). The "Manoir du Lys" is a private manor on the site once occupied by the castle which was situated the the area in between the watch tower and the Church.

Monument to St Joan of Arc

Église Ste-Jeanne d'Arc

The town church, dedicated to St Joan of Arc, is built on the same site once occupied by the original castle chapel.

Stained glass windows recounting the history of St Joan of Arc, focusing on her captivity in this town.

Arrival of Joan of Arc at Beaurevoir, coming from Beaulieu-les-Fontaines. June 1430.
Joan of Arc, accompanied by the Luxembourg ladies and John of Bar. July 1430.
Joan at prayer in the Church of Beaurevoir.
Pierre Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais, comes to Beaurevoir to negotiate with John of Luxembourg to deliver Joan over to the English.
The old aunt of Jeanne, Countess of Ligny, with John of Luxembourg, her nephew, to beg him not to stain their family name [crest] by delivering Joan to the English.
The aldermen of Tournai, hearing of the misfortune of Joan, come to Beaurevoir to visit her.
The announcement and acceptance of sacrifice — mid July, 1430. St. Margaret and St. Catherine tell Joan to entrust her lot to God.
« God will come to the aid of the people of Compiègne before St Martin's winter feast day. » Joan considers an escape plan to hasten to the rescue of Compiègne.
The jump from the dungeon tower — mid July, 1430. "Since God will help those of Compiègne, I want to be there."
Departure of Joan to Arras. October 1430

Points of interest around Beaurevoir

"House of Joan of Arc"
Johannic doorbell outside a house.


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