Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over analysa caskey

Automobile accidents due to intoxicated driving are the leading cause of death in teenagers toady, and the leading cause of death on our roadways in general, claiming almost ten thousand people in 2014 alone.

Many people believe that teenagers are the ones to blame for this offence. Although the majority of DWI offenders are in the 17-22 age range, the common profile of a drunk driver is a low-income white male, age 35

Drunk driving Fatalities have decreased by almost 51% since 1982 due to the various technologies in today's world.

While the fight against drunk driving is seemingly endless, many organizations have been founded to attempt to put an end to this worldwide issue

The future is uncertain, there's no denying that. But what is certain is the fact that countless lives would be lost, and many families would be shattered if a valid solution is not found sometime soon.


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