Good Life Tour of the Harn Hugo Le Helley

Technique of the Artist

Jefferson Market Courthouse, Francis Criss

This painting really stuck out to me while I was walking through the museum. First I was intrigued by the overwhelming flat colors and the sudden pop of bright orange in the center. Also the technique that Criss used to create the illusion of depth really impressed me. From afar the painting almost seems simplistic but as you approach it, you see the use of linear lines and geometric shapes to create depth. The building up close does seem to be 3-D, as if you could touch it. This really impacted me overall and I found a new appreciation for the technicality of the arts. Being able to use specific techniques allows an artist to transform their medium, this case oil on canvas.

Design of the Museum

Left: Modern Collection, Right: Map of the Harn

As seen in the image of the right the entire art museum is very strategically planned in a sort of loop. This allows the visitor to create a smooth flow between the different collections. I thoroughly enjoyed moving between these collections as you can distinguish the change in style of the pieces. I specifically enjoyed the Modern Collection as it was divided through the middle by an L shaped wall. This created a loop within the greater loop. Causing you to explore the collection in detail as you walk around in a circular shape. This also created more wall space to add many more paintings for display.

Art and Core Values

Champ d'avoine (Oat Field), Claude Monet

The Champ d'avoine automatically gave me a sense of nostalgia of when I would visit my grandparents in France. We would often take walks in trails that would lead to great oat fields very similar to the one painted above. I specifically remember bringing kites to the field and playing with my siblings. I was amazed on how a single painting could evoke such feeling of emotion within me. It really allowed me to admire my childhood and also remember my roots.The soft textures of the oats really gave me a sense of movement, as if they were moving in the wind. It made the painting seem alive, a representation of the real world.

Art and the Good Life

Forest with Heron, Herman Herzog

This painting automatically connected with me on a personal level. It depicts the natural setting of our great state, Florida. It links to the Good Life as I believe it is our human duty to protect the natural world. I began to think about to living a Good Life and how it is necessary to have surroundings that fit to your preference. I cannot imagine a life where I was not exploring our environment. Seeking out this connection with nature is a common theme for many people.

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