Good Life Nature Activity @FLMNH Sedarah Knowles

The exhibits at the FLMNH were so cool and personal. I felt so close what was being displayed. One thing I learned for sure is that butterflies love people, well the ones at FLMNH does. I really enjoyed the big exhibits such as the dinosaur skeleton, the shark mouth, and the Native American display. They were so appealing because I just thought it was super cool. The different lighting to set the mood was another reason why the exhibits attracted my attention.
The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in the ways that Leopold recommends. I was excited and amazed as I went through the museum. I had a sense that I was in touch and intimate with nature and I actually enjoyed the feelings that I received from the exhibits. To me, people were just as excited and amazed as I was. Although it is not shown in the picture above, the NHM allowed us to be outside with butterflies, which allowed us to connect with nature. When it came down to the butterflies and sea creatures, Leopold images did instill ethical responsibility to nature because our actions have affects on nature and how long animals remain on this earth.
The Natural History Museum helped me to step out my ordinary life and comfort zone by putting me in a place where I get a connection with nature, which is something I do not do in my everyday life. The museum also allowed me to better understand who I am and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by allowing me and nature to be face-to-face, see the history of what was on earth before me, and get a sense of how humans play a role in the chemistry of nature.


Jorneshia Gonzalez Khaleed Rich Sedarah Knowles

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