Haitian World Cup Niheer Patel, Anailah Chang, asanti Kumera


Labadee is a port in Northern Haiti. It is home to an amazing Royal Caribbean cruise line resort. Zip lines and several water activities can happen here.

Citadelle Laferriere is a mountaintop stronghold that was once French. Thanks to this, it is the only Latin American country with French as an official language.

Haiti has a beautiful countryside as well as a bustling city. The rural population is 41.35% or 4,430,000 people. The Urban population is about 58.6% or 6,281,000 people.


  • The Capital, Port-au-Prince, was founded in 1749 was named for "The Prince" a French ship anchored in the bay.
  • One of Haiti's islands, Tortuga Island, was a pirate stronghold in the 1600s.
  • Sans-Souci palace is the former home of the Baroque King Henry.


Haiti was originally a French colony, but mistreatment of Blacks and mulattoes led to revolution. At the head of it all, was Toussaint L'Ouverture.

Our Logos!

The top part of the flag is the French flag to show that French is their official language. The middle section of the flag is the same as the actual Haitian flag, except we used black and white to show how there was slavery with separation of black and white. Toussaint L'Ouveture led a revolt to put an end to slavery. The brightly colored patterns at the bottom of the flag represent Haiti's bright and colorful style. The trophy and the soccer ball represent The World Cup. To top it all off we added The "World Cup".
The "weight" of Haiti all lies on Toussaint L'Overture's shoulders, just as it did during the revolution. The center of the blue at the top of logo is part of the Haitian flag.

Government and Economics

Jovenel Moïse

My country, Haiti, would not have any complaints from the government. In fact, Haiti would be supported by this. Haiti is a Unitary semi-presidential Republic. The people of Haiti enjoy many freedoms, so hosting the world cup would be a protected right. Jovenel Moïse, the current leader, would be prone to reelection if he hosted such an upbeat and spirit-raising event.

Hosting the 2022 world cup would benefit Haiti with all the tourism because it’s economy is currently down from a devastating earthquake in 2010. This would definitely increase the GDP per Capita. Haiti is a mixed economy, but closer to a market economy. All the people coming in would make a huge economic success for the travel industries. Global recognition from other countries would make Haiti a trading partner of many more countries.


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