Personality Theory Laura kate Wilson

The psychoanalytic theory is that people act the way they do because there is something deep in their unconscious. The major focus of this theory is to try and release thoughts from the unconscious and make us realize what is making us act the way that we do. The theorist that came up with this is, Sigmund Freud. Freud would have his patients come into his house and ask them to lay down on a couch and ask them to tell him about their dreams and childhood. While they are telling Freud about all of their feelings, dreams and childhood he writes down notes of what they are saying. Terms that come along with this theory are defense mechanism and free association. Defense mechanisms are important to this theory because repression might be a mechanism that some of his patients used so he would have to have them come 2-5 times a week to try and 'dig' up the memories and feelings that they repressed. Free association would come up while using this theory because it is a way to dig things out of the unconscious. Free association is when you say a word and the patients talks about whatever comes to mind.

Humanistic theory studies the way the person as a whole. Rogers came up with this theory because he thinks that they way someone acts isn't just because of their unconscious or just the behavior around them he believes that we act a certain way because of how we are as a whole. The exercise of free will is a key term in this theory because it explains the path we choose to go down and the consequences it comes with. This theory focuses on human worth, values, creativity and our active nature. Maslow also had part in this theory because him and Rogers both believe that a person can meet self-actualization. They don't neccassary believe that people can reach self-actualization in the someway but they both believe people can reach that in their lives.

Trait theory of personality has many different theorist. One of them is Gordon Allport who believes that our traits are wired into our nervous system and that is why we are who we are, he never had any scientific evidence. Raymond Cattle believed that there are two types of traits, surface and source. Surface traits are the traits that are easily seen by other people and source traits are more basic traits that underly the surface traits. One more theory is a theory called OCEAN. OCEAN stands for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Cattle came up with this theory because he found 16 source traits.

The celebrity that I chose to do for this assignment is Chris Brown, I chose to do him because in 2009 he was arrested domestic violence against Rihanna and violence in a club and holding a gun up to someone.

Psychoanalytic: He repressed images of his father hating his mother and him hitting Rihanna is a way to get his dad's attention. The fact that he wants his dad's attention is deep in the unconscious and he does not realize that is angry with his dad so he takes it out on other people.

Humanistic: some people think that at some point Chris Brown reached self actualization in his career because he got so famous and started to be himself. His Id runs his life, as some people think, because he does things that pleases him and he doesn't care about their consequences. He knows who he is and the bad things that he has done and that is his Real Self. His ideal self, is that is he going to change his life around and try and fix his public image.

Trait: He has extraversion but he lacks agreeableness, conscientiousness, Emotional stability, Openness to experience intellect.


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