Reflective Journal (Week Four)

Throughout Monday we worked on a games design document. This only consisted of making character biography's. This was to help us have a better understanding of what we can make our characters act, look and behave like. We done this by adding age, names, history and personality. The names in Japanese, when translated to English, mean different things representing the character. Out final name we choose was Mari Himura. Mari meaning rebellious, and Himura meaning red city.

The child's name was Kyoko Sato, meaning child of the city and Help/aid. This name was made because the child lives in the same city as the protagonist and also the child helps the protagonist change her ways and views.

Some of the other names we thought of were: Emi (beautiful blessing; beautiful picture), Reiko (lovely child).

The Yakuza name comes from a translation of night flower. This is because there are different names for different Yakuza. We chose ours to be night flower as it is a female group and is quite dark personality wise. Night is giving them the dark part of their name and the flower is associated with females a lot so they The japanese name is Yoruhana-Kai. The Kai is a common name among the Yakuza groups and does not really mean anything as it is a common word in Japan and is used in work, schools and all over the place.

This is the protagonists biography.
This is the start of the supporting characters biography. We will continue this later on in the week.

During the Easter break I'm away for part of it. This will give Dziliana the time to draw assets for when I'm back meaning I can start to code them into the walking running jumping. etc. This also means I can start on making the levels and other parts of he programming like ammo and shooting.

On Thursday and Friday we started to work more the the games design document and added to the moodboards. Mainly on Thursday we worked on the reflective journal.

On Friday I added more pictures to the moodboards. This is to help us think of different ideas for enemies. We thought of security guards for a house. This idea came up when we were thinking of the levels and what your goal is. This makes it easier for me to program it as I know what needs to be done and helps Dziliana as she knows what she needs to draw.

These are what have so far. This is to help us develop on what each level is based around and what each cut scene is. I feel like this will help us a lot and will help inspire us to continue to develop ideas. We need to continue to finish this through Friday. This is so we don't have to do this over Easter and then we can just get straight into making the game.


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