It's Last Call. For real, I'm retiring. Let's make this last year count.


Your Official “Last Call” to Book a Boudoir Session with Natalie Kita

Ladies…. (and Couples, and Gentlemen)

You’ve been dreaming about it for a while….

But maybe you’ve been waiting…

  • to work up the courage to finally go for it…
  • to lose a few lbs…
  • to have the time to find just the right lingerie…
  • to have someone special to share your photos with….
  • to finally feel ok about doing something YOU…
  • to save up the money (or until I run some crazy sale?)…

Maybe you could hardly believe your eyes when you saw your friend’s beautiful, tasteful, sensual photos… and you heard her rave on about how AMAZING her boudoir experience made her feel…

And maybe you’ve been craving that same feeling for yourself…

If you have been sitting on the fence, waiting for the “right time” to do a session, I have to tell you…

Time is running out to finally treat yourself like the Goddess you are.

So if you’ve been waiting for one of the “perfect time” scenarios listed above, let me just assure you that:

  1. I will make you feel totally comfortable and at ease. Just ask any of my clients. (I'll et some of them speak on this a little later on this page.)
  2. Not only are you beautiful and worthy JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, but let’s be honest — You have no guarantee of losing weight. You do however have a guarantee that you will never be younger than you are today.
  3. I will not be running any sales this year, and when the year ends, the minimum investment will actually triple to get one of my 2021 spots.
  4. 2020 is your last chance to book a session in the way that I have been offering them for years…

Furthermore, 2021 will be the last time I offer sessions at all… (but in a totally different way and with very limited availability.)

Click play below to watch and hear what both Shannon and Brooke had to say about their experience and photos.

Can you imagine feeling like that? Don't you owe it to yourself?

Sadly, this chance won't be available much longer... so you may be wondering... How can I jump on board before it's too late? How does this all work?

You have two options to be one of the last people I will ever photograph in my 13-year professional boudoir career:


Grab one of my THREE Remaining 2021 All-Inclusive Sessions

(I’m listing this one first because I literally have only 3 spots still available. I was offering one per month in 2021, and nine of them have already been snapped up.)

These luxurious and exclusive VIP sessions will include:

  • * Pre-shoot consultation & wardrobe styling ($100 value)
  • * Professional hair styling and makeup application ($250 value)
  • * 2 1/2 hour NKB VIP Signature Session with 3-4 wardrobe looks on your choice of 3 in-studio sets, with full professional posing and expression coaching ($550 value)
  • * Access to the Studio Wardrobe and Accessory Closet, and Shoe Lending Library (in-studio sessions only) ($100 value)
  • * Your choice of Skype or in-person Image Premiere and album design appointment ($150 value)
  • * Full professional retouching of your photographer’s curated selection of your best images ($2000 value!)
  • * 50 Images, delivered in your choice of a 10x10 or 8x8 designer luxury album with designer luxury album box (a $10,750 value!)
  • * High resolution digital companion files of included 50 album images, with print release, delivered on a custom crystal and chrome flash drive. ($2,550 value!)
  • * Custom mobile image app ($250 value)
  • * Sexy Cinema Slideshow ($250 value)
  • * 8x12 standalone desk print ($100 value)
  • * $250 wall art/upgrade/add-on credit

That’s a total value of $17,300!

Don't worry... I'm not charging $17K for these spots. ;)

The price for one of these limited edition, luxurious, and all-inclusive spots on my 2021 calendar is just $5000*


As one of my clients reminded me today, it’s my birthday month....

Truth is, I've been known to run my ONE sale of the year during my birthday month…

Soooo... if you secure your date before my (50th! OMG!) birthday on July 20, for a 2021 all-inclusive session, I will take an additional $500 off* that price.

(*Discount not valid with other special offers, including gift cards with added promotional value. Not valid for previously booked/rescheduled sessions. Not valid if you have previously cancelled a session. Valid only for weekday, in-studio sessions.)



There are only 3 spots available in all of 2021 - one each in March, April, and May. When these spots are gone, they’re gone.

These special sessions cannot be booked online, but you may click here to book your complimentary phone consultation where we can talk through a vision for your shoot, get your questions answered, and book over the phone once you decide to go ahead with securing one of the last remaining dates.

Or.... Maybe you don't want to wait until 2021... Or maybe the all-inclusive luxury packages are a bit out of your budget?

Then perhaps Option 2 would be perfect for you...


Book a 2020 Session with Current Packages and Pricing

If you want your own life-changing boudoir session at today’s prices with today’s offerings, it will need to happen in 2020. Spaces are filling up fast, even though I've opened extra spots,. There are only 7 spots left in 2020 (starting in mid-October, as I've already sold out for July, August, and September), so you will want to secure your session date ASAP.

NKB Signature Sessions and White Sheet Mini Sessions are both still available… but not for long.

As for 2020 pricing and packages, sessions start at $250 (for a mini session on the white sheet bedroom set with one outfit plus sheets) or $550 for the Signature Session with your choice of 3 sets and 3-4 outfits.

Images are sold separately from the session fee, and image purchases start* at $900 for a mini session or $1400 for the Signature Session. *Please note that the average total client investment is significantly above the minimum (because no one wants to part with any of their amazing images!), though there is no obligation to purchase more than the minimum.

Awesome, How do I book?

To book a session in 2020, you may either book online, here

Or, you could click here to schedule a quick (and free) 10-15 minute phone consultation. You can book your spot on the phone once all your questions are answered and you are sure that you want to book your session.

Oooooh, but don’t let me forget the juiciest part now…

For newly-booked weekday in-studio 2020 sessions, my **BIRTHDAY MONTH SPECIAL** this year is $100-$500 off of your image purchase (amount of discount depends on amount of purchase) if you secure your date before my (50th! OMG!) birthday on July 20.

But no matter which option you choose, I have to be honest with you…

It is entirely possible that I will stop accepting new bookings at any time. Once my schedule is filled, I will cut off bookings.

That’s why I’m giving this “last call” announcement.

So it's up to you...

Option 1? Or Option 2?

Can't decide? Let me help. Call 302-365-5211 now... or click the button below to schedule a quick 10-15 minute chat so I can get an idea of your vision for you shoot, walk you through how it all works, answer any questions, and get you on the schedule before the chance to treat yourself to an unforgettable and transformative experience... and to forever capture your most beautiful, sensual, multi-faceted self in all your unique glory.


What if I have a gift card?

If you have a gift card, your options are the same as everyone else. You may book in for 2020 at current prices, or you may book in for a 2021 all-inclusive session. In accordance with my long-standing pricing policies and gift certificate expiration policies (pricing can change at any time, and gift cards expire one year from the date of purchase), your card value will be applied toward the available 2021 all-inclusive packages only. Therefore, for gift card holders, I recommend booking for 2020, or committing early on to one of the all-inclusive 2021 packages, before all 12 spots are filled. You may use your gift card balance toward your retainer to hold your date.

What about COVID-19? How do I know that the studio is safe?

A list of reasons I am confident the studio is safe for you:

  1. Considering that I am a low volume business in a non-commercial space, foot traffic here is very light, and there is plenty of time between clients for cleaning and sanitizing. I have a maximum of one session per day in the studio, along with a maximum of 2 clients at a time (for couples sessions), and a maximum of 4 clients per week in the space.
  2. All linens and any wardrobe closet items used are of course washed after every client, as always.
  3. My studio is in my home. I keep my home very clean on a daily basis and have a weekly professional deep clean as well.
  4. All high touch surfaces are wiped down before and after sessions with sanitizing wipes. All soft surfaces that are touched and cannot be wet-wiped are treated with a sanitizing UV light wand before and after sessions.
  5. I am implementing new policies of strict hand washing before and after sessions for all my clients and myself, as well as period use of a hand sanitizer.
  6. All clients who have cold or flu symptoms of any kind are requested to please reschedule your session. I will be checking your temperature at the door. Anyone with a significantly elevated temperature will be asked to reschedule.
  7. My kids are out of school and we are practicing social distancing and staying home to limit chance of contact, and taking other precautions as well that I recommend for everyone - including lots of handwashing, lots of rest, and immune support in the form of supplementation.
  8. I assure you that, should I or any family member develop ANY suspicious symptoms, or should I become aware that I've come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVD-19, I will call you ASAP to reschedule your session.
When is the best time to schedule my appointment?

I recommend scheduling ASAP, before the weather turns too cold. COVID season seems to coincide with flu season, so IF things were to get shut down again, it is more likely to happen during the colder months. That said, since making this announcement, I have sold out July-mid-October, and have only 7 spots available for the rest of 2020 at the time of this update.

The studio is open on weekdays only, from 9am-5pm. The preferred time to schedule your session is 10am, but you may schedule as early as 9 or as late as 1pm. The Signature session takes about 5 hours from consult - hair and makeup - finish, while the mini session takes about 3 hours for the same.

What if I book a session, but then the government shuts everything down again before my session date?

If you book a session, and it needs to be rescheduled due to anything COVID-related, I will work with you to make sure you get a new session on the books, regardless of my impending retirement. If your session is scheduled for 2020, but then needs to be moved to 2021 due specifically to COVID, then I will honor 2020 pricing and packages for your session and images.

I have more questions. How can I get answers?

For more details on how it all works, click here to access The Fantasy Shoot Designer.

OR…. You can click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation where I am happy to walk you through everything and answer all your questions.

More Questions...

Are there any other packages available for 2021?

If you wish to upgrade or add on to your package, there will also be an ultra-premium package available at $7000, as well as a "sexy music video" add-on for $1500, and destination sessions starting at $8000. (The $500 discount is available for these offers as well, ask for details on the phone.)

How much money do I need to put down to book one of the limited 2021 spots?

The all-inclusive 2021 sessions will require a 50% retainer to book your session, with the remaining balance due at your Image Premiere appointment.

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I'm retiring after 2021.

This is LAST CALL to book your boudoir session!

2021 Sessions are extremely limited, and ONLY all-inclusive luxury packages.

I'm having a "Birthday Month" sale on either one of these options.

Want to know more?

Or, take a chance and call me right now at 302-365-5211 ;)