Boom to Bust DAn

The stock market starts to recover

We can see that the common people do not have trust in the stock market anymore.

The Bank

People standing outside of the bank in bad weather trying to get there money.

The Theater

People at the movies in the 1920s enjoying the prosperity.

Soup Kitchen

Men waiting in line for free soup.

Street Preformers

Street performers playing in the street

People waiting in line to buy

People waiting in line to buy things that they think will improve there lives.

Family life

A family at there home listing to the radio.


A hovverville made by the people that live there outside near a factorie.


The people drinking and the bartenders at a speakeasy.

Listing to the radio

Person listing to the radio for entertainment.

President Franklin D. Rososevelt

Franklin D Roosevelt making one of his speeches.

Babe Ruth

One of

Jazz Band


Bust to Boom

At the beginning through the late 1920s after the Great war as it was known there was great economic times and harsh economic times. For example in urban America life was great, people invested their money and even money that they did not have in the stock market. In urban America life was hard especially for the farmers because of the less and less demand for crops. In the 1920s the parents of the time were trying to control their kids by trying to keep them on the traditional ways of life the way that they were raised. People in the cities at the time went to jazz clubs, movies, baseball games and more for entertainment. As economy was great for everybody except for rural america that was in economical downfall ever since the end of the war. At the time the government was letting businesses do what they wanted with the laissez faire policy a more hands off approach to the business. At the end of the the 1920s the stock market took a serious dive and continued that way throughout the 1930s.At that time farmers at the great planes got hammered by dust storms that did hindered them from even going outside of their homes when the storms were happening. The economic downturn affected women in their home life by making the women stay at there homes and take care of the kids while the man of the house would go out and either work or try to get work.The depression also affected how people lived and where they lived, people would live in communities outside of cities made completely out of thing like cardboard and old rusted out cars. People rode on top of trains just so they could get out of the places that they were living at.People had to wait standing in line at soup kitchens.The downturn in the economy did affect the big businesses and the industrialists by them having to layoff workers, but besides this the rich were not very affected by the depression. The middle class of people worked together to make do off of what they had left.Unlike in the 1920s the government had a huge part in people's lives in the 1930s with the new president Franklin D Roosevelt. The new president put many acts into action to help people recover to put in immediate relief and to help reform the economy.This affected business owners buy puting limit and restriction to what they can and cannot do with their businesses to help prevent a stock market crash again. This also affected bankers by also limiting what they can do. It also affected the bankers by helping them get back on there feet by giving banks over America 2 billion dollars. He put into acts that hired people just so they could have a paying job. He spoke to people directly at his “Fireside talks” He spoke in a simple way so that everyone could understand what he was saying even the kids.

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