Straightening units RT and RTS series

New materials and new standard parts, the multiple usage of single parts and a high developed assembly and production stand for the performance of the new straighteners RT and RTS series, which are available with 5 or with 7 individually adjustable rolls.

Straightener RT series with 5 straightening rolls

The straighteners RT series don’t have a mechanism for quick opening/closing, which is installed on the straighteners RTS series.

Straightener RTS series with 7 straightening rolls and MECHANISM for the quick opening and closing
A cam-controlled excenter, protected against dust and dirt deposits, is used for the quick opening and closing.

Straighteners RTS series can be opened and closed quick and easy with a small amount of force only, as a cam controlled excenter is used for the quick opening and closing. The complete new mechanism for opening and closing a straightener RTS series is very robust and reliable as it is protected against dust and dirt deposits formed from e. g. drawing soap and coating chips.

Revolutionary: The mechanism for the quick opening and closing can be retrofitted!

Because the straighteners RT and RTS series have the same basic frame in terms of size and straightening range and, as the designs do not use pinned roll adjustment spindles, RT straighteners can be converted to RTS straighteners at any time. That means that also the customer can choose to upgrade to the quick opening/closing mechanism at any time.

Perfect fit considering specific boundary conditions.

As known, each straightener is equipped with straightening rolls in two rows. However, two versions are offered, using a different number of straightening rolls dedicated to the side of the straightener with the roll adjustment screws.

By using different straightener versions a perfect adaptation is possible, considering the wire transport direction, the location and the orientation plus the turning direction of the spool respectively of the coil. Bad straightening results by lost bending operations are history, whatever the turning direction of the coil respectively of the spool is.

Straighteners RT 5-5.0 2/3 (left) and RT 5-5.0 3/2
Success by flexibility.

Accessories like mechanical position displays for the defined and reproducible roll adjustment, protection guards or upstream and downstream located guide bushings are perfect features for managing straightening processes dynamically. In case straighteners RT or RTS series were purchased without these accessories and the boundary conditions on the production frontier have changed or the actual order situation changed in the meantime, all the needed accessories can be quickly purchased and installed. That makes the purchasing and the sales team happy, as well as the people involved in the production planning plus the maintenance experts.

Revolutionary variety represented by 64 new models.

All the RT and RTS models cover a wire size range in between 0.1 and 9.0 mm. In total eight unit sizes are offered.

Perfect line integration by using connecting brackets.

All models are prepared for managing double-plane straighteners using two straighteners and a so called connecting bracket in between the units. Certainly the connecting brackets can be retrofitted, which also supports the design of customized straightening systems consisting of three or four single plane straighteners at any time.

As the connecting bracket design allows the continuous adjustment of the angle in between the units, so called straightening chains can be manufactured and used for straightening wire in many different planes.

Explore the design possibilities.

Design and quality with a price advantage of 23%!

Straighteners of the new RT and RTS series - Advantages for creating added value.

hand-held straightener spr series

Hand-held straighteners get the job done

Humans have been using tools for thousands of years. Hammers have traditionally been used, for example, to straighten crooked nails. But that can also be quite painful! And so, in an age when powerful machines are used to manufacture nails, we’re only too happy to set the old tools aside in favor of an affordable new product for straightening process materials, e. g. wire, tubing, strands, ropes and cable.

The elastic-plastic deformation of long process material sections or long goods is often necessary at various types of construction sites.

In place of the simple hammer, the use of hand-held straighteners is recommended. These supply the forces and the alternating bending moments required to straighten the process material in a through-feed process, without changing the material’s cross-sectional geometry.

High performance density produces easy handling.

When designing its hand-held straighteners, WITELS-ALBERT always insists on performance density.

In other words, high levels of in-process force and bending moment can be achieved using straighteners with dimensions and masses that are small enough to ensure easy handling.

For this reason, almost all of the individual parts in these handheld straighteners are made from a tough nonferrous alloy rather than steel. This alloy has a density that is two-thirds lower than that of steel, while also offering the additional benefit of being more resistant to corrosion.

Completely made of non-corrosive materials.

And the remaining parts of the handheld straightener also won’t succumb to this chemical reaction because they are made from high-quality stainless steel materials.

Straightening rolls with radius groove right from the factory.

Hand-held straighteners SPR series are available in two sizes that can be equipped with five or seven straightening rolls. The models offered in the SPR 5 and SPR 7 series cover a total diameter range of 3 to 13 mm.

Hand-held straightener SPR 7-6.5 with 7 straightening rolls.
Fun at work supported by the quick opening and closing mechanism and the robust handles.

The rolls in each of the two rows on the straightener are screwed into position on separate parts, which can be moved centrically towards or away from each other. The hand-held straighteners are so well adapted to the rough conditions that prevail at construction sites that they are a pleasure to use, all the more so because additional features such as the quick opening and closing mechanism and the robust handles make the job of continuous manual straightening much easier.

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