Is it Time for a Technology Refresh? Let's Find Out. Vecmar Corporation

Every day new technologies are emerging to fit the needs of our ever-changing society. Companies are continually needing to adapt, and keeping up can be difficult. Although maintaining existing technology may be cheaper today, it may hurt your business tomorrow. Here is a list of 5 indicators that will let you know if your company's technology is due for an upgrade.

1.) Decreased Productivity

We've all had those frustrating moments when our computers just won't load the information we need. According to Meridian, older technology can cost up to 21 hours of productivity. If your employees spend more time waiting to do work than actually getting the job done, it's time to explore some new options.

2.) Security Breaches

Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion new records in the first six months of 2019, according to Forbes. The year 2020 is projected to have the most cyberattacks ever recorded, and your company will be more susceptible to risky activity if the technology is outdated. Has your system been vulnerable to security breaches?

3.) Increased Costs

You may think that you are saving money by managing outdated infrastructure instead of investing in new, more versatile, and friendly innovations; yet, Meridian states it costs nearly double to fix an obsolete computer. Technology is constantly changing, and it is necessary to keep up. It is time to stop wasting your resources on managing outdated computing platforms.

4.) System Downtime

System failures and app crashes are not only frustrating for the user, they also cost your company time and money. According to TechRepublic, overloads, noisy neighbors, and retry spikes are the top three reasons systems crash. The older your technology is, the more susceptible it is to these types of problems, leading to diminishing profits and scalability.

5.) Stunted Company Growth

Companies struggle to keep up for a multitude of reasons, yet technology is an overwhelming contributor to a company's success. Forbes states no company is immune to accelerated technology, we all have to adapt. Engagement, customer relationships and brand awareness are built from developing innovations and new technology. Don't let outdated infrastructure limit your reach.

It's time to improve your business!

Being open to creativity and innovation will allow your company to prosper, especially since consumers continue to demand value and convenience. Set your company apart and implement new technology today.

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