Trip to the Mother House By: Eliza Noell

This past weekend, several students, along with some from Notre Dame High School, boarded a bus to participate in a retreat at the sister's mother house in Nashville through October 25-27. The students participated in activities such as service projects, prayer, learning the deeper aspects of living a religious life and even stayed overnight in the very dorms the novices reside.

Junior Grace Despard, was on this trip, and elaborated on her experience, “I’m in the Irish Disciples group at Catholic, and I had gone last year on a retreat in Oak Ridge at the convent there. I love spending time with the sisters and thought it would be a great opportunity to go on retreat there.”

Sister Scholastica has visited the mother house in Nashville many times before. She has had the opportunity to join other students on their trip several times.

Scholastica said, “It grows every year… probably fifty is the biggest group I’ve ever taken. It’s a lot of fun just to experience what the sisters live like and see where they live.”

The visit to the mother house has not only resolved some curiosities about the sister’s lives and religious practices, but aided student’s journeys in their faith as well.

“While I was there, I definitely grew a lot spiritually. Going into it, I wasn’t prepared for it to be as great as it was,” Despard explained.

“It inspired me to pray more,” freshman Luz Ruiz commented, “Hopefully more people will join us next year.”

In the aftermath of the trip to the mother house, Scholastica observed changes in the students' behavior. She remarked how the students from both schools went from being hesitant to talk to one another to developing closer bonds among the group. She also hoped that the visit helped the students see how the sisters are rooted in prayer and the importance of spiritual life.

Scholastica elaborated, “I think it’s a great opportunity for students to get an inside view of what’s most important in the life of the sisters, you all only get to see us at school, which is wonderful, but really the strength of the sisters comes from our prayer and our connections, kind of our religious life, so students getting a glimpse of what we're really about."