Mental Tolerance By:cam gois

It was a late afternoon, my day was going fine and I was just hanging around the house.Then all of a sudden I started to hear yelling and I went and see who's yelling.

Surely enough it was Ethan and Joseph so I listen in for a second and I hear that Ethan was asking Joseph to turn off the light downstairs.

Joseph confronted Ethan and yelled, “ You left the light on downstairs!”

Ethan said, “ You’re already down there, why don’t YOU shut it off?!”

They kept going back and forth. So I start to back up Ethan.

I said, “ Calm down, Joseph. There is no need to yell at Ethan for leaving a light on.”

Joseph just ignored me and continued to yell at Ethan. Joseph starts to yell at Ethan and me. Joseph just kept swearing at us.This happened for a long time.

After the argument I go downstairs and I just kind of sit on the couch and think about everything I just said and what Ethan said. I think of how unnecessary it was to argue about a light being on or off.

Ethan comes downstairs and he said “if you wanna talk about it i'm here”So then I ask “how do you not even care about it”? He starts telling me tips on how he used to deal with other arguments.

He said “you cannot dwell on the argument just move forward”

I said “okay” and in my head, I thought “I will start to do that from now on.”

I start to really think about what he said and I start to go along with it. Basically he told me it's like building a tolerance for my emotions.

As time goes on, as the fights keep happening I realize that I don't even care that i'm in fights a lot I just try to win the argument and try to get the last word out. From all of this I start to notice i'm not as triggered anymore or i'm not emotional like i used to be. When i'm about to be upset I can easily help myself before I get a lot worse and with mental breakdowns I can stop myself very easily. To sum it up I hear a very loud argument and I bring myself into it. Ethan helps me keep a stable mindset and helps make me understand mentally how to help myself with myself when i'm upset.

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