alexia tinoco digital photography p.6

This is an image i turned in for the light painting assignment. It was really easy after i got the hang of writing backwards. It was especially hard because it was in cursive.
this was one of the firs photographs i took when i started this class and i was very surprised of my capabilities of taking a photograph like that. this showed me that i could do anything without any previous experience.
this photograph is from the shoes photo challenge which was the very first one. this wasn't as hard as thought it just happened i was trying to photograph it in the air and it fell in the bush. it was an awesome moment.
this photograph was for the rule of thirds assignment i was not planning for it to come out like that. it kind of just happened i was very satisfied with the result.
this is absolutely my favorite project in this class it was so easy to make. we just had to be really careful not to move the camera or else everything would have been messed up.
  • I make art because you never know what you will come up with until you try it.
  • what inspires me the most is just going out and looking at my surroundings and thinking about how i could make it into a pretty photograph.
  • i represents how i am as a person because i am free and not very predictable
  • it is unique because everything happens in the most unexpected places.
  • it means happiness.

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